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Laporta summons Cruyff and Gamper

  • The president appeals to his references on his return to Barça 11 years later and is excited to remember his father

  • In a half-hour speech, without papers, he makes a reservation to ask Messi to stay

  • “We respect the situation of the club, yes, but not fear,” he says, announcing a “strong” leadership.

Since thrashed in the signatures the overwhelming victory in the elections, plus a defeat with the resignation of Jaume Giró, one of the mainstays of the candidacy and a minimal victory, in the last minute, to get the endorsement. The next term of Joan Laporta until 2026 he announces strong emotions. Something like the “Fasten your seat belts” as pronounced by Pep Guardiola when he assumed the position of coach in 2008, without having notions, without even intuiting, what the future was going to hold.

Laporta does have notions: a crippling debt, a Lionel messi that the contract ends in three and a half months (exactly 105 days) and the forced reconfiguration of the executive team that Josep Maria Bartomeu has bequeathed him, not to mention the legal events that will affect the club even though the alleged perpetrators are private individuals. On that journey, lined up on both sides of the shoulder, well-known snipers await him, who recently advocated to end the isms.

But Laporta returns without the desire to look back or collect bills, with the desire, expressed in the last sentence of his speech, that “we are an example for all the young people of this world.” He and the club and all its members.

Entrance through the box

Laporta returned to the Camp Nou with his head high and a smile on his face, although tears fell when he remembered those who were absent. To Johan Cruyff, the first, paraphrasing the “God knows what it took to get here” -pronounced by the coach on his return to the pitch in the tribute of the Dream team 1999- and his father at the end, present at the first inauguration and died 17 years later at the second.

Laporta returned, reopening the stadium, the temple, which recovered its faithful in a crowded ceremony in response to the restrictions of the pandemic. Around 300 people were placed in the second tier on a stage mounted above the box, and in the presence of the last tenants: Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, whom he did not cite (but yes to Victor Fuente and Toni Freixa, the former candidates) and Carles Tusquets, that of the Manager, who gave the witness to the new / old royal president.

In contrast to the delay with which he called the elections, Tusquets ended his speech “as soon as possible”, giving way to the well-known oratory of his successor. Laporta spent 30 minutes speaking without papers. In his prepared improvisation, he also appealed Joan Gamper, his favorite predecessor, comparing the difficulties that the founder went through in his five terms – “he saved Barça when he had 32 partners and had to go door to door to find more partners” – and by demanding the involvement of athletes. Professional teams with their coach and captains were represented (Busquets was absent in football and there was only the injured Sergio Lozano representing futsal, with the team in Zaragoza).

“Putting on the Barça shirt is a very important gesture, and as Gamper said in 1925, under the shield your heart beats”,

Joan Laporta / President of Barça

The interpellation

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“Putting on the Barça shirt is a very important gesture, and as Gamper said in 1925, under the shield your heart beats,” Laporta said before guaranteeing that his board will never leave them alone, right now, when, indeed, they are alone. in empty stadiums and halls.

Messi, dressed in a suit in another formal gesture that did not seem gratuitous like having voted, asked the opposite, in a studied license: that he did not leave Barça abandoned. What I do will be fine. But if the field was full you couldn’t leave», Asked the president, who unleashed applause in the stands and the impatient face of the aforementioned Messi.

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