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Laporta wants to extend the salary reductions to the entire Barça squad

After having to listen to whistles in the return of the public to the stadium, Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto they aired their discomfort with the directive for having been like the bad guys, denying that they did not want to lower their salary. Joan Laporta He has been conciliatory and hopeful with reaching an agreement so that not only all captains do like Piqué, but also to extend the salary restructuring to the entire squad.

“We hope that other captains will act in the Piqué line. The negotiations are going very well and they are behaving extraordinarily,” said the president, after Alba said on Sunday that they would ask Laporta about how they were doing. “Jordi is right. We contacted his agent on May 24, that there was a meal. And then he received a letter on July 8. I understand the players. They come from a reduction and they are asked for another effort. Until they assimilate it is understandable. Both Alba and Busquets and Sergi Robertor very well, they are behaving very well and we will reach the agreements that both parties want to reach and they will do an act of service to the club and when we can we will recognize it. “

Laporta is aware of the “extra effort that is required” and has pointed out that, unlike the agreement that was taken in the 2019-2020 season, when it was a general reduction, they will study case by case. “There are some, like Piqué, that the clearest thing was to make a reduction to register players. Piqué’s gesture is extraordinary. The others are contemplating either a postponement or a suppression of the bonuses for titles. Solutions are being sought. And we are here. seeing a lot of predisposition. The idea is to restructure the salaries of the entire workforce. “

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Today, after the ‘due diligence’ has finally certified losses of 481 million, the wage bill is 103%. “In total there are 617 million euros. It represents 25 or 30% more than our competitors. We are well above the sports wage bill.” Piqué’s salary cut, with the 1×2 ratio (each euro released allows one to register in transfers), allowed to register Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia and Rey Manaj. Laporta has not closed the door to the arrival of the forward that Koeman asks for after Messi’s departure and Agüero’s injury, although he points out that it is complicated and so that before entering they will have to leave. Umtiti, Pjanic, Coutinho and Braithwaite, the star of the debut, are some of those who are on the starting ramp. Before knowing that he could not renew Messi and learning that last season’s deficit was more than double the projected, the new board had set the goal of reducing 200 million. In any case, he has ruled out selling to players like Ansu Fati or De Jong, but yes to players you don’t have.

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Criticism of Bartolomé’s wage policy

Laporta criticized the salary policy of Josep Maria Bartomeu. “We have also found a context of an erroneous sports policy that causes damage to the entity. It is the inverted pyramid, that veterans have long contracts and young people have short contracts. And that is difficult to renegotiate contracts. These salary reductions that presumed previous managers, a reduction of 68 million was achieved, but in reality it is not a reduction because we have found it in the form of loyalty bonuses for the termination of the contract “.

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