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Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, begins her political career | People

The romance between Fox News and the Trump family continues, despite the disagreement between the former president and the news network when the elections that Donald claimed had been rigged were finally deemed legitimate. The new member of the Trump clan to join Rupert Murdoch’s empire is Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, the third child that the New York tycoon had with his first wife, Ivana Trump. “Welcome to the family, Lara!” The program’s co-host said exultingly Fox & Friends, Ainsley Earhardt, who ended the sentence with a shout of “¡Yay!”.

Not that the 38-year-old had been a stranger to the network until now. She herself recounted with humor on the screen the day her signing was announced this week that it was as if until now she had been “an unofficial member of the team.” “For the last five years I have come here [a los estudios de Fox en Nueva York] so often that the security guards told me that maybe they should give me the keys to the place so that I could enter on my own, ”explained the daughter-in-law of the former president of the United States.

Lara Trump’s views often create the kind of controversy that the Trump Administration liked to wallow in and that with so many speakers picked up on Murdoch’s news network. For example: in April 2019, Lara Trump called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to accept refugees in the 2015 migrant crisis “the ruin of Germany; it was one of the worst things that ever happened to that country. “

With a great command of the television scene – for a time she was a producer of the program Inside Edition-, Lara Trump lands on Fox, perhaps, with plans calculated to the millimeter to use the network as a springboard from which to launch her political career.

Born Lara Yunaska, the young woman grew up in North Carolina and studied at the university in that southern state. For months, when he was not yet on the fixed payroll of Fox, conservative political circles have rumored with pleasure the possibility that Trump’s daughter-in-law will opt in 2022 for the seat that the veteran senator will leave vacant in North Carolina. Richard Burr when he retires.

Without a doubt, Lara Trump begins her career in politics with a good endorsement, nothing more and nothing less than with the support of the senator from South Carolina, Republican Lindsey Graham. An ally of Trump during the latter’s time in the White House, Graham declared a month ago that Lara was “almost certainly a candidate” for the seat leaving Burr. In the opinion of the seasoned senator, Lara Trump represents “the future of the Republican Party.”

If Eric Trump’s wife finally chooses to jump into the political arena, Fox News should break its contract with her, according to company policy. That was what happened last January with former collaborator Sarah Huckabee, Trump’s former press officer, who has already announced her campaign to become Governor of Arkansas, the same state and the same position from which she began her successful career towards the White House Bill Clinton.

For now, and before joining the Fox family, Lara Trump has sold this week as an exclusive on the show online which produces an interview with his father-in-law, who lives under the Florida sun in his Mar-a-Lago mansion. Lara Trump’s program is titled The Right View, as opposed to the morning show on ABC The View. From that platform, Lara Trump assures that she broadcasts “the real news.”

Both Facebook and Instagram have withdrawn the interview from their networks because “Trump was speaking” and “the voice of Donald Trump could be heard,” according to Facebook in a statement and Lara Trump published on his Instagram account: “Any other content that collects Trump’s voice will be withdrawn ”. The previous publication of the former president’s daughter-in-law is a photo of both taken from behind the scenes of the interview. The past and, perhaps, the future of the Republican Party.

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