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Lardero: A man arrested in La Rioja for the death of a nine-year-old boy who was deceived from a park | Spain

Alex had disguised himself as the exorcist’s girl. He played this past Friday afternoon with his friends in a park on the outskirts of Lardero (La Rioja). Suddenly, they lose sight of him. The last time they saw him he was already dead, in the arms of his murderer, a 54-year-old man who is detained and, according to the neighbors, was dedicated to “prowling girls”, whom he invited to accompany him to his home to “feed some colored birds,” explains Carlota, mother of a seven-year-old girl who was also tempted just two weeks ago by the alleged infanticide. At the crime scene, 5 Calle Linares, a blue teddy bear is soaked in the rainwater. On an unpleasant, cold and rainy morning, the residents of the Villa Patro urbanization are shocked and outraged by what happened. Hundreds of flowers remember Álex, nine years old, in the park where he played for the last time and next to the portal that he crossed deceived by Francisco Javier Almeida López de Castro before dying at his hands.

The Civil Guard arrested this man on Friday night as the alleged perpetrator of the boy’s death. The minor, who was allegedly tricked by the arrested man in a park into leaving with him, was found dying on the landing of the house where the suspect resides and died shortly thereafter. According to sources close to the investigation, the boy’s body did not show visible wounds and the result of the autopsy is being awaited to determine the causes of death. The arrested man, who served a prison sentence for a murder crime that occurred in Logroño in 1998 and who had a history of sexual assault, according to the same sources. In April 2020, after 23 years in prison, the justice granted him conditional freedom, according to prison sources.

The events became known around 8:25 p.m. on Thursday, when the emergency number 112 received a call from a neighbor of Lardero (a municipality in the metropolitan area of ​​Logroño, about five kilometers from the capital of La Rioja and with more than 11,000 inhabitants) who denounced that her son had disappeared while he was playing in a local park, located next to the Villa Patro school. Several witnesses claimed that a man had taken him away by trickery.

Minutes later, the Civil Guard from the nearest post and agents of the Local Police arrived at the scene of the actual events. The agents located the little boy “in a very serious and unconscious condition” on the landing of a house at number seven on Río Linares Street, near the park where he had been last seen, the same sources detail. Next to the child was the owner of the house, Francisco Javier A., ​​who was arrested. The health services tried to resuscitate the child without success. They could only confirm his death.

After knowing the event, there were moments of tension, especially when the Civil Guard and the Local Police prepared the operation to remove the detainee from the garage of the house, where about 200 people were concentrated, reports Efe. For several minutes, the concentrates rebuked the agents, who they reproached for protecting the detainee and asked to be allowed in to “lynch” him. Several of these neighbors blamed the agents who had already warned them that the detainee had tried on other occasions to take children from the area. “You called us crazy and only two of you came and now a child has had to die so that you all come to protect the murderer,” a neighbor reproached the agents.

Eyewitnesses have explained to journalists that there was “concern” in the area about the habitual presence of this man who, according to them, would have been released from prison in 2020 after serving a sentence for the murder of a real estate agent in Logroño in August 1998. The detainee was transferred to the Civil Guard offices in Logroño, while the agents remained inside the building looking for evidence.

The arrested has two convictions. In the first, in 1993, he was sentenced to seven years for sexual assault. Years later, he received another, in this case for 30 years, for treacherous murder and sexual assault for the death, in August 1998, of a real estate agent whom he assaulted while showing him a flat that he supposedly wanted to acquire. The sentence detailed that Francisco Javier A. pushed the victim to fall on the bed and pounce on her. Immediately, he inflicted numerous wounds on her with a knife. One of them, which affected his heart, caused his death on the spot.

The sentence imposed on him for that crime – 20 years for the murder and 10 for the assault – was recast into one of 25 years (the legislation allows the perpetrator of two or more crimes in the same cause to be set a maximum effective compliance less than the sum of those penalties). When he had reached more than 22 years and was already in the third degree penitentiary or semi-release, he agreed to parole. Article 90 of the Penal Code establishes that judges can grant an inmate conditional release when he meets three requirements: be previously classified in third degree penitentiary or semi-release, have extinguished three-quarters of his sentence and observe good behavior.

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