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Las Abadías and Corchera de Mérida are mobilized to expand the squares in the Albarregas

Entrance of the Albarregas Institute yesterday afternoon. / JM ROMERO

Seventy students from the two neighborhoods remain without entering secondary school despite having the highest score for proximity

Antonio Gilgado

Lola Contador says that the parents of 2010 who live in Abadías and La Corchera have to open the way.

More than seventy families with young children undertook their particular struggle nine years ago with the Ministry of Education.

They created a platform and demanded that the Board open more classrooms in the two public schools in the area: Ciudad de Mérida and Cervantes. It was his proposal to provide a solution to the baby boom of 2010 in the city. Many young parents with newborns then moved to the Las Abadías and La Corchera residences.

The administration understood that the school zoning of Mérida had to adapt to this situation and finally opened a third line for children in Ciudad de Mérida and a second in Cervantes.

Those children then went on to primary school and now to secondary school. And the problem is repeated with the Albarregas, the closest institute. They meet again in the Mercadona park to plan concentrations and meetings with Education.

The ‘baby boom’ of 2010 that forced to expand the lines in public schools now reaches secondary school

Many live a hundred or two hundred meters from the institute, but according to the list they learned on March 4, they will have to enroll their children in secondary school at Santa Eulalia or Emérita, following the current zoning. Lola Contador is the spokesperson for the families. It gives an illustrative fact, in the list of places for the fourth of March there are seventy names that have been left out of the Albarregas and all have the highest score for their proximity to the center.

The situation bears many similarities to the process they experienced as a child. Then they also had the maxim for Ciudad or Cervantes. Only those with a brother, very low income or large families entered initially. Until the Board paid attention to the claim and they all entered.

The parents have sent a letter to the Ministry and have contacted the Albarregas ampa to obtain more support. From the Ministry they have already answered that they are not going to expand and from the parents’ association they are encouraged to ask for more secondary classrooms because the center always had six until it was reduced to five due to the new ratios of the health crisis.

They have also requested an interview with the Minister of Education so that she knows the specific situation through the mouths of those affected and not in writings sent to the general management. “When we explain the specific problems to them, they may understand that it doesn’t make much sense to send the children to the other side of the city, living three hundred meters from a high school.”

Parents see a contradiction in supporting pedestrian school routes when many who could walk to school will have to rely on parents and cars. According to the spokesperson for the platform, it is not a preference of one center over the others. “The three that correspond to us by zoning are very good, but it makes sense for the reconciliation of schedules that go to the one closest to home.”

The parents of the Abadías and the Corchera will meet again this afternoon to see if they finally meet at the gates of the Albarregas. “Unofficially from the center they tell us that there is room for more secondary school students, but that we have to be the parents who claim.” Now they expect the same empathy as they did nine years ago.

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