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‘Las Chicas’ shine in the FICAL with awards for best film, direction and script

The actor Javier Cámara discovers the star that bears his name on the Almería Walk of Fame.

The actor Javier Cámara discovers the star that bears his name on the Almería Walk of Fame.

The film ‘The Girls’ has been the great winner of the Almería International Film Festival (FICAL), by winning the awards for the Best Film, Direction and Screenplay of the contest ‘Ópera Prima’, while in ‘Almería en short’ the winners have been ‘Da Yie’ and ‘A la cara’.

The award for the best feature film has been for ‘The girls’ of the Aragonese Pilar Palomero, with a semi-autobiographical history, which remember the Spain of 1992, but not the festive aspect of the Seville Expo and the Barcelona Olympic Games, but the repressive educational system in Zaragoza at that time.

Its director has also been the winner of the Cosentino award for Best Direction. The third recognition has come for the Best Script, for the Palomero herself, delivered by the Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía, Patricia del Pozo.

The second prize in the ‘Ópera Prima’ contest went to ‘La vida era eso’, by David Martín de los Santos.

The Special Prize ‘Aedava’ Messages and Values ​​has been for ‘The inconvenience’ dthe Sevillian Bernabé Rico, while the actress Kiti Manver has received the Torrecárdenas Award for the best female performance in ‘El inconveniente’, and the Spanish-Argentine Ernesto Alterio is the winner of the Eduardo Fajardo award for the best male performance for ‘Crónica de una storm’.

Stars like Verónica Forqué, Rosario Pardo, Roberto Álamo, Kiti Mánver, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Julián López have posed in the photocall of the festival, which this year has recognized three greats of the national film industry.

As to ‘Almería en short’, the award for the best short film international has been for the ‘Da Yie’, of the Ghanaian Belgian nationalized Anthony Nti who has not been able to attend, like some others awarded, due to the complexities for the displacement from different parts of the world.

The Obra Social La Caixa Award for the best national short film has been for ‘A la cara’, by Alicante’s Javier Marco Rico, and the RTVE Award for the best Ibero-American short film is for ‘A Veggie Western’, by Cuban José Carlos Jiménez Revuelta.

The Audience award for best short film has gone to ‘Burqa City; The Best Screenplay Award went to Belén Sánchez-Arévalo, for ‘A la cara’; the Gil Parrondo Prize for the best artistic direction for Josefa Carla Claude Celsi, for ‘El agua’, and the Cecilio Paniagua Prize for the best photography is received by Germano Saracco, for ‘The size of things’.

Regarding the protagonists, the prize for the best female performance has been for the Basque Susana Abaitua, for ‘Ferrotipos’, while the best male performance has been for Manolo Solo, for ‘A la cara’.

On the other hand, the actor Javier Cámara has received the award ‘Almería, Tierra de Cine’, who has dedicated, first, “to the colleagues who are having a bad time at the moment, without work, we are a privileged few”, and secondly, “to the people who want to start in this”.

“I come from a town, from a family that had no reference to anything, and I have managed to dedicate myself to this wonderful profession. I was welcomed, taught and taught, and, therefore, I encourage you to insist on your dream,” he has saying.

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