Wednesday, December 8

Las Cigarreras hosts an urban culture festival

The Cooking Skills collective

The Cooking Skills collective

Las Cigarreras concentrates tomorrow Saturday a festival of urban culture with various activities of Free access and open to all audiences from 11 am. The meeting will bring together various creative disciplines, such as musical performances and exhibitions, workshops and a market with stalls and designs from various groups.

The festival, organized by the Department of Culture, will begin with a breakdance workshop, followed by another of freestyle taught by Tali Flow (where rhymes are improvised and is the basis of cockfights) and will end one more of Beatbox Da Fonky Monky, where the mouth is used as an instrument for bases that serve to rap. “A technique that opens the possibility of continuing with music in the park even if the batteries of the giant radio cassette are exhausted,” they point out from the organization.

In the afternoon they will offer concerts from 5 pm with rap protagonists from the province of Alicante, where they will be pioneers of djing as Dj Joaking, by Elda, who has been a dj for Nach, Arma Blanca or Cres and a producer for Nach or ZPU, among many others. Then the rhymes with the rapper from Alicante will begin Pome Gee, which has published several EPs, there will also be representation of that old school of rap as Metal Nestor, an MC from Madrid who has been doing rhymes and raw style beats since the beginning of the 90s, while residing in Alicante.


Groups such as Undertakerz, who released this year the EP Syncretism, Downtown area O Cocinando Skills, a collective made up of Tase, Zasko, Compare and Nite Huertas, a group of rappers and freestylers from the streets of Alicante who forged their style with the training of metrics and word games to develop what they call “skills” within the world of improvisation. They act as one of the most respected groups in the underground scene of Spanish hip hop.

Throughout the day there will be installed a market where clothing designers, graffiti artists and hip hop collectives will have a sample of their work.

The festival aims to become a showcase for various artistic disciplines that use spaces in the city as exhibition platforms. These expressions of young urban culture are directly connected to sports, youth leisure, creativity and active and outdoor entertainment: breakdancing, graffiti, the use of stencils or templates to paint designs, rapping meetings, cockfights, practice with skateboards and skateboards, bikes, etc.

Workshops with prior registration

Taller de Break (Dance In Situ) 11 horas.

Freestyle Workshop (Taly Flow) 11 hours.

Freestyle exhibition. 12.30 pm

Taller de Beat Box (Da Monkey Fonky) 13 horas

The activities are free. For the workshops, prior registration is required at

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