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Las Estrellas del Camino extends its art to Portugal

One of the murals that portrays Joaquin Sá, a 74-year-old athlete who has walked the Camino dozens of times. It is in the Portuguese town of Rubiaes. / CR

The artistic initiative that honors the people who keep the Jacobean spirit alive enters the neighboring country, with dialogue as the common thread


Pilgrims who have traveled the last stages of the Camino de Santiago since last year already know the great murals that mark those last kilometers and that pay tribute to the people who keep alive the Jacobean spirit, universal and unique at the same time. That artistic initiative, which came from the hand of Estrella Galicia under the title of Las Estrellas del Camino, is now extended to neighboring Portugal, expanding what is already considered the largest art exhibition in the world. And he does it in one year, this 2022, which exceptionally continues to be Xacobeo. This new gallery that covers the Portuguese Way uses the dialogue and twinning between the two countries as a common thread, in that idea of ​​continuing to weave an infinite network of stories, encounters and exchanges that emerge on the Jacobean route and that embody its spirit.

The exhibition that opened last year was developed along the last seven stages of the Camino Frances, adding a total of 140 kilometers. Now, this artistic exhibition is extended by 230 kilometers, covering nine stages of the Portuguese Way, between Porto and Santiago de Compostela. Each of them will have an outdoor mural painted by the Galician Lula Goce and the Portuguese Daniel Eime, who interact establishing an artistic conversation.

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As in the first installment of the exhibition, the protagonists of these murals are nine people with nine stories of resistance linked to the Camino, to tradition and to the land, who have known how to face whatever difficulties have come their way. Among them, Joaquin Sá, a 74-year-old athlete, who has made the round trip on multiple occasions, an award-winning pianist and cultural manager who has entered the ranking of the Top 100 Leading Women in Spain, or Enrique Ocampo, representing to the Ocampo family that has been dedicated to the construction and repair of bells since 1630, including that of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The mural that honors Enrique Ocampo, who is dedicated to the construction and repair of bells, in Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra). /


The murals will be painted in highly visible places, such as facades or bridges in Matosinhos (Oporto), Barcelos, Ponte de Lima, Rubiaes, Tui, O Porriño, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis and Padrón. Two of the murals are already finished; that of Joaquin Sá, in Rubiaes, and that of Enrique Ocampo, in Caldas de Reis, both portrayed by Lula Goce.

The Galician Lula Goce and the Portuguese Daniel Eime will portray nine protagonists in murals distributed throughout as many stages of the Portuguese Way

«We want to continue paying our most sincere tribute to all the people who live on the Camino, because thanks to them, it has become a unique and unrepeatable experience. And what better way to do it than by reflecting their stories in works of art made by two exceptional local artists. It is our way of thanking them for everything they do for our land and for keeping alive the traditions that unite the peoples of Galicia and Portugal”, comments Santiago Miguélez, Marketing Director of Estrella Galicia.

Dialogue and twinning

The history of Galicia and Portugal is that of two brother towns, which have maintained an indissoluble bond over the centuries, with the Way as a fundamental connector. Dialogue is an essential part of this trip, as a link between people from different countries and cultures, who share a multitude of experiences on their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

For this reason, dialogue is the guiding thread of this new exhibition, in which Lula Goce and Daniel Eime will alternate their works throughout the itinerary, establishing a conversation through the murals and reinforcing the idea of ​​exchange, so present in the Road.

A landmark will be placed very close to each mural, with detailed information on each person portrayed. These new milestones will be part of the new artistic route of the road.

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