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Laser treatments to rejuvenate the skin of the face

The uniform color of the skin is essential to have a youthful appearance

When we talk about skin aging, the first thing that comes to mind are, without a doubt, the wrinkles. They are actually an important factor in the aging issue, but the uniformity and texture of the skin They are not only determined by the number and depth of wrinkles, but also by the visible uniformity of skin color.

What are solar lentigos?

Over the years and continued exposure to the sun without adequate protection factors, the so-called solar lentigos. Solar lentigos are light brown spots that appear in middle-aged people, are usually hereditary and are part of the aging of the skin, as well as the appearance of couperose and / or telangiectasias.


The cuperosis is the aesthetic condition of the face that consists of the appearance of small blood vessels or dilated capillaries, which produce reddish spots on the cheeks. The capillaries of the face become visible due to a permanent dilation that increases their fragility.

Facial telangiectasias

Facial telangiectasias are permanent dilations of groups of capillaries and superficial veins

On some occasions, the affectation is greater and not only occupies the cheeks, but can also spread up to the chin and forehead. Facial telangiectasias are permanent dilations of groups of capillaries and superficial veins.

The most frequent areas of appearance are the cheeks and the area of nasal flaps. They are skin lesions that aesthetically uncomfortable For patients, when entering closed places, flashing occurs (the skin turns red as if it were blushing), so they should be treated if this is the case.

Laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin

On Aesthetic Dermatological Center We have the laser platform that makes possible the joint resolution of the aforementioned pathologies. The joint treatment of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions it is a bet to treat pathology and rejuvenate the skin.

Young skin is not only a wrinkle-free skin. Young skin has a uniform color, shows smoothness and balance and for this we have the Alexandrite laser and Pico Way laser for pigments and pulsed dye laser – Candela’s VBeam Prima for vascular pathology. Together, these technologies can undoubtedly achieve that balance, with the advantage that each one works specifically on injuries. without affecting the surrounding skin.

Conjoint treatment for pigmented and vascular lesions is indicated in people with localized spots on the face or neck area and / or cleavage (poikiloderma) together with vascular dilations. In the same session, the patient is applied the laser that will specifically treat each of the lesions. The laser that covers the largest affected area will be performed first and the other laser will be applied immediately.

All medical treatment requires a action protocol. In this case, the patient will be informed about the treatment to be performed, the technology used, resolution time, number of sessions and the interval between them, concomitant treatment, effects and aftercare to treatment, budget … etc. It is important to give the patient information about the expected results.

It is important to remember that to look young we must start by treating the color alterations. For this, at Centro Dermatológico Estético we have the appropriate technology. We also have a great professional team, which will provide you with support in the phases before, during and after the treatment.

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