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Last battles for heaven and hell

Villanovense and Montijo start in a better position for the fight for fifth place. / ADG AVERAGE


Montijo, Villanovense and Coria look towards fifth place, while Don Benito will suffer in search of salvation

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With six Extremaduran teams in the new Second RFEF, it was foreseeable that the end of the season would bring heart-stopping duels, some fratricidal, between the representatives of the region. What is desirable at the beginning of the season is that all those final battles were to be at the top, however, Don Benito arrives with different needs than Montijo, Villanovense and Coria, who are fighting for fifth place, while Mérida and Cacereño compete to be the best team after the intractable Córdoba.

The most optimistic option in the fight for the playoff is to think that the people of Extremadura can put Ceuta in the fight, which has been in the doldrums in recent weeks and its points cushion with respect to Montijo is reduced to three. And it is that, Juan Marrero’s team is the one that starts in the best position in this countdown. With 47 points, they are the owners this week of fifth place, the last one that gives access to the league and that they have taken from Villanovense, but with a single point advantage.

The calendar of the Montijanos is not easy having two fratricidal duels at home, first visiting a needy Don Benito and then an ambitious Mérida. Emilio Macarro will say goodbye to the season against an already evicted Tamaraceite. The RFEF reported this Tuesday that the last two days will have a unified schedule at 12:00.

In that feud, Montijo’s closest pursuer stumbled, an irregular Villanovense who has not found continuity to continue at the top and for whom things were complicated with that defeat last Sunday. His next two appointments are against rivals who risk everything, one in heaven and the other in hell.


  • Day 32

  • Day 33
    Villanovense-Las Palmas Athletic.

  • Day 34
    Pulido-Villanovense Bakery.

First they will visit Mérida, which is stalking second place, and then they will receive a Las Palmas Atlético team that could rush their last chances of salvation in Villanueva. The regular season will close for Josip Visjnic’s team against Panadería Pulido with no chance of remaining, but with pride.

Coria’s options will also pass through the Canary Islands, the worst classified for that playoff dream but perhaps the one with a more affordable calendar a priori also to certify its permanence.


  • Day 32
    Don Benito-Montijo.

  • Day 33
    Tamaraceite-Don Benito.

  • Day 34
    Don Benito-San Fernando.

This Sunday they receive the bottom team, Tamaraceite, on La Isla, and next week they visit San Fernando, which is played this Sunday against Cádiz B, to reach that match alive. Whatever happens, the end of a great season for Rai Rosa’s men will be in their stadium with the visit of the Messenger.

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  • Day 32

  • Day 33
    San Fernando-Coria.

  • Day 34

The celestial box could have that day the key to what happens with salvation, however, the Messenger is today the best positioned of the canaries for permanence and a direct rival of Don Benito. The rojiblancos are the only team from Extremadura fully involved in the fight for salvation and, for now, they must cling to maintaining the relegation promotion place as their first objective since Antequera, who marks salvation, is still four points away . Their calendar is similar to that of Coria, with the difference of receiving Montijo this Saturday forced to win to keep the pulse of Villanovense. Afterwards, they will visit Tamaraceite and play it out in front of their fans on the last day against San Fernando.

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