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Last face-to-face of Biden and Trump in Georgia for the Senate

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden they once again measure their forces for the last time in this electoral cycle in the elections that take place this Tuesday in the state of Georgia, a second round that will decide not only two seats in the Senatebut control of the Capitol. The two politicians visited Georgia on Monday in a last-minute effort to mobilize their bases in a state that has also become the epicenter of allegations of fraud by the president, fighting a battle even against his own party with the purpose of contesting the result of the presidential elections.

For now, the Democrats They are a majority in the House of Representatives, or Lower, and on Sunday they elected as president of this to Nancy Pelosi. If nothing prevents it, on Wednesday the same Capitol will hail fellow Democrat Biden as the nation’s 46th president. Control of the Senate remains open, which was renewed by a third in the same elections last November.

So tight were the results that the majority in that House is pending of those two seats for Georgia, which are going to the second round because none of the four candidates in the running obtained 50%.

Trump was visiting Georgia on Monday after an incendiary one-hour call he made on Saturday with a senior official of that state, the Republican, leaked to the US press. Brad Raffensperger, whom he urged to “seek votes” to overturn Biden’s victory. The Democrat won Georgia by just over 11,000 votes, and Trump has been denouncing recount fraud since election day. Raffensperger is Georgia’s secretary of state, and the certification of the results, which occurred in December, depends on him. All certifications will be read out on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, and Biden will be proclaimed the official winner.

Democrats, set on fire by that call, have already circulated all kinds of proposals: to recuse the president in a political trial for “impeachment”, to pass a censorship in the House of Representatives, to ask the cabinet of ministers to disqualify him … However, neither option will prosper, as Donald Trump has just two weeks left in office and Democrats are already focused on their priorities in the next term. There is also an open internal war between the most centrist sectors of the party and the new left led by young deputies such as the New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

To the republican senators who risk the position, Kelly Loeffler and David PerdueIt does not greatly benefit them that the president denounces that the elections in Georgia are fraudulent and illegal, because this carries the risk of demobilizing Republican voters. Democrats have also mobilized hundreds of millions to repeat the victory in the November presidential elections and make their two candidates winners, Rafael Warnock and JonScofff. If they both win, each party will have 50 seats in the Senate, and the vice president, Kamala Harris, will have the power of the tiebreaker vote.

The controversial call

The focus in this Senate election, however, is on Trump and his battles to save his presidency and secure a second term. In his call to the Georgia Secretary of State, he said, by way of a veiled threat, “The people in Georgia are angry, the people in this country are angry.” At the same time, the president has managed to get 140 deputies out of 435 and twelve senators out of a hundred to refuse to certify the results and support an investigative commission of the presidential elections, with an audit lasting ten days. That attempt has no chance of succeeding either.

Some advisers to the president, including the retired general Michael Flynn, have circulated the idea that the armed forces intervene and postpone the transfer of powers. To try to clear the shadows of an insurrection, all living former defense secretaries signed a manifesto in the newspaper “The Washington Post” on Monday stating that the results of the elections are valid and that the Army has nothing to do with the taking possession of Biden.

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