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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today Friday, June 4: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

With the last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante from today, friday june 4, we know that 76% of those vaccinated with AstraZeneca reject Pfizer for the second dose. Health warns that vaccination will be delayed because the citation groups have to delete from a list those who want the same brand and pass them to another.

What’s more, lpandemic triggers anorexia: more severe cases in younger girls. Specialists care for young people aged 11 and 12 who arrive with a weight loss so strong that sometimes they require hospitalization – The trend towards healthy eating covers the problem in the eyes of the parents.

On the other hand, the nightlife will be open until 2 o’clock and the indoor capacity of 50% is maintained of the restaurants. The Valencian Community will close the pubs one hour before the margin given by the Government and Puig promises to extend it at the end of the month.

76% of those vaccinated with AstraZeneca reject Pfizer for the second dose. Health warns that vaccination will be delayed because the citation groups have to delete from a list those who want the same brand and pass them to another. More information

Teacher vaccination, one of the groups pending the second dose. | DAVID REVENGA

03·06·2021 18:50

These are the approved measures for discos and mass events

An Ibiza nightclub full of public in the 2019 season SERGIO G. CAÑIZARES

The Interterritorial Council prohibits smoking in the street or outdoor spaces when the distance of two meters cannot be respected.

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03·06·2021 18:36

Spain adds 5,252 new infected by coronavirus and 50 deaths

The cumulative incidence drops four points and stands at 118 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.

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03·06·2021 18:19

The mayor of Benidorm, vaccinated against covid-19: “A million thanks to our toilets”

The mayor of Benidorm, receiving the vaccine against covid-19.

The mayor receives the first dose of Pfizer one day after his 53rd birthday.

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03·06·2021 18:10

76% of those under 60 years vaccinated with AstraZeneca decide to complete the regimen with the same vaccine

AstraZeneca vaccination of teachers in the field hospital

Health ensures that for those who reject Pfizer as a second dose “the process necessarily delays.”

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03·06·2021 18:07

The province registers 69 new cases of coronavirus and 5 deaths

Vinalopó Hospital in Elche.

Alicante hospitals have 29 hospitalized covid patients, 7 of them in intensive care.

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03·06·2021 17:52

The municipalities charge against the Consell’s beach plan for the urgency and the cost of the contracts

The Consell’s plan is for the assistants to start working on the beaches on the 15th DAVID REVENGA

They criticize that they have not been informed of details such as whether they have to provide uniform to the assistants or other working conditions – Some municipalities will disburse more than 100,000 euros.

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03·06·2021 17:37

The province of Alicante creates up to 11,000 new jobs after the end of the state of alarm

A crowded terrace on the Esplanade, a few days ago HÉCTOR FUENTES

The improvement in activity reaches all economic sectors, led by the hospitality industry, which has almost 4,000 more workers than in April – More than 6,600 professionals leave the ERTE situation during the last month.

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03·06·2021 17:18

The beaches of Elche will not have a capacity limit nor will they be sectorized if Health allows it

Bathers on the beaches of Arenales del Sol in stock image ANTONIO AMORÓS

The government team points out that in exchange for returning to “normality” there would be more reinforcement and control of safety distances – First aid will begin this Saturday with a smaller contract until the new contract arrives, which is delayed until mid-June.

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03·06·2021 15:20

Laya is vaccinated against Covid-19 and announces the shipment of Janssen vaccines for staff abroad

The foreign minister appreciates the work of the health personnel. More information.

03·06·2021 14:44

Hybrid, more dangerous and more contagious. This is the new variant of the coronavirus discovered in Vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities confirmed last Saturday the detection of a new variant of the coronavirus. More information.

03·06·2021 11:06

The press conference of Ximo Puig and the councilor Ana Barcelo.

03·06·2021 11:05

Barceló: “Today we will communicate the number of people under 60 who have decided to get vaccinated with Pfizer or AstraZeneca”

03·06·2021 10:53

Puig: “Sooner rather than later we want the use of the face mask, but outside of them it is necessary to take it because we do not have enough immunity ”

03·06·2021 10:48

This is the summary of the new measures:

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