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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today Friday, September 17: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

Meanwhile, yesterday we knew that the leisure sector asks that the dance floors be opened and to be able to close at 5 in the morning. The coordinator wants an urgent meeting with Health to be able to plan the de-escalation in advance.

And about vaccination, Health studies giving a second dose to those vaccinated with Janssen. The proposal comes from Penitentiary Institutions, which outbreak alert among inmates of the prisons vaccinated with the single-dose serum.

16·09·2021 22:04

The cumulative incidence falls to 96 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

The number of hospitalized for covid in the province is decreasing hector fuentes

This time the experts trust that mass vaccination will help to progressively reduce infections. More information

16·09·2021 21:30

Scientists already know where the next pandemic will come from. More information

Scientists already know where the next pandemic will come from

16·09·2021 19:04

Is it possible that viewing color photos of the coronavirus has made us less cautious? More information

Is it possible that viewing color photos of the coronavirus has made us less cautious?

16·09·2021 18:19

The number of hospitalized for covid in the province falls below one hundred for the first time since the end of July

The number of hospitalized for covid in the province is decreasing hector fuentes

Health reports five more deaths in the last week and 171 new cases in 24 hours

16·09·2021 18:14

Health studies putting a second dose to those vaccinated with Janssen

In Galicia 22,700 doses of Janssen were inoculated IÑAKI ABELLA

The proposal starts from Penitentiary Institutions that warns of the appearance of outbreaks among inmates of prisons, one of the target groups of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose. More information

16·09·2021 16:18

3,000 health center employees suspended in France for not getting vaccinated

Protest against compulsory vaccination in France. EFE

On the first day of compulsory vaccination there were also “a few dozen” resignations. More information

16·09·2021 13:51

Brussels launches the new agency to prevent future pandemics.

It will be operational from 2022 and the objective will be to detect possible health crises and offer an emergency response. More information.

Ursula von der Leyen. Reuters

16·09·2021 10:09

The elderly of the residences will have a third booster dose in October.

The Ministry will stop sending roads to the autonomous communities as of October and the distribution will be at their request. More information.

Vaccination at the Ciudad de la Luz facilities, in a recent image. | HÉCTOR FUENTES PINOALBEROLA

15·09·2021 22:00

Singer Juan Peña, admitted by Covid: “I’m living hell”

The singer Juan Peña.

The artist emphasizes the importance of vaccines when contagious with only one dose: “It is as if I had been crushed by a tractor.” More information

15·09·2021 21:41

The covid patient who received ozone therapy in Castellón is discharged

Ozone therapy treatment caused great controversy as there was no scientific evidence. / GABRIEL UTIEL

The man has been hospitalized for two months and a judge forced the hospital to allow the entry of personnel to administer an alternative therapy in the ICU. More information

15·09·2021 21:39

Health notifies 3,723 new infections and 54 deaths

Health workers transfer a covid patient in Barcelona. EFE

The current average incidence of infections in Spain in the last 14 days stands at 101.55 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. More information

15·09·2021 18:18

Rebound in coronavirus cases in the province of Alicante

The decline in patients admitted to hospitals in the province continues

Health notifies 182 infections, compared to 78 the day before. More information

15·09·2021 13:49

Where to get vaccinated without an appointment today and tomorrow in Alicante.

All the centers will open this Thursday at the same time, with exceptions in some “vaccination centers” in the Community. Check them here.

14·09·2021 13:55

LAST MINUTE: The incidence of the coronavirus in the province of Alicante drops below 100 for the first time in two months.

14·09·2021 13:00

The WHO estimates that the pandemic will be under control in March 2022.

The director of Public Health and Environment of the international organization, María Neira, is optimistic about the solution to the health crisis, “even before” the estimated date. Read the news.

14·09·2021 11:36

The students fill the classrooms of the University of Alicante and applaud the return to the presence.

University students consider the relationship with professors and classmates essential. The deans predict an excellent course. Read the news.

The University of Alicante is once again filled with students on the first day of the face-to-face course. ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ | VB

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