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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today Saturday, July 31: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

On the crisis of coronavirus and tourism, This weekend is the best of the summer so far, but the employer’s association emphasizes that the month that starts will be that of the last minute booking: Hotels receive August with 87% average occupancy. Also, yesterday we learned that ethe advance of the Delta variant it threatens the recovery of British tourism. The Government of the United Kingdom is considering switching Spain to the color “amber-plus”, as it has done with France, which would lead to having to quarantine again upon return. The reserves of this market are already concentrated in the fall.

On the other hand, we also know that Sanitat will vaccinate with a third dose to residents of Biar after an error. A total of 25 43-year-old residents of Biar received only serum without the dose of covid vaccine.

Alicante once again registers the highest number of new infections since February. Health reports 1,285 positive cases of coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours in the province. More information.


A massive outbreak in the US shows that the delta variant is transmitted among those vaccinated. American health authorities detect an outbreak among vaccinated in a Massachusetts town. More information.


MAP | Incidence of the coronavirus and new cases in the province of Alicante. Check here the data on the incidence of covid in the municipalities of the province.

Map of the incidence of coronavirus in the province of Alicante. INFORMATION


The Spanish Medicines Agency stops human trials of the Spanish vaccine

From the CSIC, which is awaiting the AEMPS report, they affirm that they do not know the reason for the stoppage of the process. Read the news.

A person works in a laboratory. EFE


The conference leaves progress for the post-pandemic but little new on financing

Puig calls for a tax system “without grievances” and Ayuso defends the historical rights of Madrid as capital. More information.

Puig, in the center, next to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in the group photo in Salamanca. On the right, Pedro Sánchez. | EUROPA PRESS / MANUEL LAYA alfonsgarcia


The PP attacks Health for the revaccination of Biar

The PP accuses the Ministry of making the “ridiculous” again while Mónica Oltra considers it to be an “anecdotal error.” Read the news.

Thirty biarenses will receive the third dose due to an error. | ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ PEREZGIL


Janssen is left to vaccinate the stragglers:

Sanidad uses the single-dose serum to attract those over 40 who are still unimmunized. Read the news.

Pre-vaccination area in Ciudad de la Luz, Alicante | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ DiegoAitorSanJosé

30·07·2021 22:03

The Valencian Community is the last to vaccinate thirty-somethings and does not reach the average in the rest of the ages

Only 14% from 30 to 39 years of age have the complete guideline, twenty points below the average. More information

This week the mass vaccination of the first dose among twentysomethings has begun. | ANTONIO AMORÓS good victory

30·07·2021 20:24

The incidence continues to decline and stands in 687 cases

Hospital pressure, however, continues to grow and stands at 8.24% and in ICUs at 18.31%. More information

The fifth wave, more explosive and less serious ATLAS AGENCY | PHOTO: EP

30·07·2021 19:54

COVID restriction map: curfew weekend in five communities

The perimeter closures are only maintained in 28 municipalities in Extremadura, but there are limits to social gatherings between non-cohabitants in Murcia, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Navarra. More information

Restriction map: curfew weekend in five communities

30·07·2021 19:07

New covid tests, old errors

Health officials insist that health centers be called to avoid a collapse like that of other communities. More information

Self-tests to do at home can be found in pharmacies without a prescription M.A. MONTESINOS

30·07·2021 18:25

Daily covid infections fall to 786 in the province, which adds one deceased

Hospital admissions fall with three fewer people in the ward and one less in the ICU – This Friday’s figure is the lowest recorded in a day since last Tuesday. More information

Vaccination in the province in a file image.

30·07·2021 16:29

The TSJC demolishes the use of the covid certificate and the night closing of stores

The Chamber maintains that demanding health information from users to access hotels, gyms or cultural venues goes against the right to privacy. More information

The Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo. MARIA PISACA

30·07·2021 14:59

Incidence increases in the province by 40 points and it stands at 482 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The rate of infections continues to rise in all health departments although it slows down. The Dénia area continues to lead with 809 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and Elche-Crevillent is the lowest with 213.75. More information

Vaccination in the province in a file image.

30·07·2021 14:15

The Community will receive 340,000 Pzifer vaccines from the new batch that will arrive in August. Pedro Sánchez has announced the arrival of 3.4 million doses throughout Spain to advance the immunization of the population. More information

Puig and Mañueco at the Conference of Presidents in Salamanca

30·07·2021 12:54

Pedro Sánchez, in the Conference of Presidents: “3.4 million doses of Pfizer will arrive in August”. More information

XXIV Conference of Presidents in Salamanca JMGARCIA

30·07·2021 12:31

Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and it forces us to “acknowledge that the war has changed.” More information

The Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and forces you to “acknowledge that the war has changed.”

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