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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today Sunday, May 23: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

With the last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante from today, sunday, may 23, we know that the hotel business may open until 0.30 when the curfew is one hour late. The limitation of nocturnal mobility will be between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. until June 7, when this measure could disappear if then the health indicators are satisfactory.

On the other hand, health experts rule out new collapses of hospitals after the Boomers vaccination. And after the great moments of crisis of the waves of the pandemic, the forgetting the essentials: nobody remembers funeral service workers. Considered essential personnel, and after facing an unimaginable work overload in extreme conditions, this professional group is missing a public recognition of their work that has not yet arrived.

In another line, weddings have also been affected by the covid pandemic Y Most couples who postponed their wedding in 2020 still have no date for the link for fear of contagion or new restrictions. Meanwhile, the artists of Hogueras give a desperate cry: The collective Help is urgently needed to survive after the new suspension of the festivities, which has been a blow after the announced return of the Fallas for September.

The covid digital certificate will go into effect on June 26, according to France. In the neighboring country, the national version of the certificate will be necessary to be able to attend events with more than 1,000 people. More information.


Interview with Vicente Roig, supervisor of the surgical block of the Torrevieja Hospital: “The covid has drastically reduced surgical activity.” Read the whole interview here.

The supervisor of the surgical block of the Hospital de Torrevieja, Vicente Roig. | INFORMATION Borjacampoy


Moderna’s vaccine will also need a third booster dose.

The pharmaceutical company has requested authorization from the European Union to inoculate its serum to young people between 12 and 17 years old. Read the news.

A vial of Moderna’s vaccine


The crisis and telework threaten the office.

The pandemic has caused price drops of up to 25% and has accelerated the transformation of the sector. Experts foresee a recovery in demand as vaccination progresses. More information.

The facilities of the Foro Magno center. | Pilar Cortes Davidnavarro


The Hogueras artists give a desperate cry.

The group urges aid to be able to survive after the new suspension of the festivities, which has meant a blow after the announced return of the Fallas for September. Read the news.


The pandemic frustrates hundreds of “yes, I do.”

Most couples who postponed their wedding in 2020 still have no date for the link for fear of contagion or new restrictions. Read the news.

Two newlyweds kiss after sealing their union in one of the first weddings after the first confinement, in June 2020. BIEL ALIÑO / EFE r.pages


The hotel business may open until 0.30 after the curfew is delayed one hour.

The TSJ supports the decision of the Consell to maintain the nocturnal limitation of mobility – The capacity of events in exteriors and interiors is expanded. More information.

Full terraces in Alicante after the permission granted by the Consell for the opening of the hotel business until 11:30 p.m. | HÉCTOR FUENTES miguelvilaplanam.v.


Health experts rule out new collapses of hospitals after the vaccination of the “boomers”.

The average age of patients currently admitted for covid is 51 to 65 years, so their immunization will favor no new waves and only sporadic epidemiological outbreaks. Read the news.

Health personnel attend to a patient in an Intensive Care Unit. | ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ PINOALBEROLA

22·05·2021 21:17

Compromís revolts against the Government for the covid fund: it demands adjusting it to health spending. Ferri claims that the criteria for the distribution of the 13,500 million take into account the virulence of the third wave in the Community and the under-financing. More information.

22·05·2021 21:16

Without a state of alarm but under surveillance in Alicante by more than a thousand agents. More information.

22·05·2021 15:52

The United Kingdom intensifies its covid-19 tests after the Indian variant rebounds. More information.

Customers with masks in a London establishment Reuters

22·05·2021 14:41

These are the new coronavirus restrictions in the Valencian Community:

The TSJCV authorizes the measures proposed by the Consell, they will begin on Monday 24 and will last 14 days. Read the news.

Covid restrictions in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón: the limitations that are still in force HÉCTOR FUENTES

22·05·2021 14:18

Ximo Puig presents the Valencian Community at Fitur as the safest tourist destination in Europe.

He emphasizes that the opening of mobility in the EU will lead to “being one of the regions of Europe that will grow the most in the coming months”. Read the news.

Ximo Puig greeting the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, during the visit to the Benidorm stand Alex Dominguez

22·05·2021 13:41

76,000 Alicante residents faced with a complex decision:

Those under 60 years of age are considering which option to choose to complete their vaccination: whether to continue with AstraZeneca or switch to Pfizer – Health requires “time and peace” to organize how it will be done. Read the news.

Mass vaccination of teachers in Benidorm. | DAVID REVENGA Diego Aitor San Jose

22·05·2021 13:16

Darias reminds that rights may be restricted in very specific cases.

The Minister of Health welcomes the decision of the Bioethics Committee to endorse the signing of a consent to receive the second dose of Astrazeneca. Read the news.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias EP

22·05·2021 12:29

The positives drop to 47 in Alicante but show a clear rebound compared to last week:

It is the third day that the autonomous community does not register deaths from coronavirus. More information.

22·05·2021 12:07

Here are the restrictions by community for the second weekend without alarm:

Thousands of displacements are expected as measures have been eased with the advance of vaccination and the decrease in infections. More information.

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