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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today, Thursday, May 13: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

With the last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante from today, thursday, may 13, we know that Health will begin vaccinating those between 40 and 50 years old in mid-June. The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has advanced that the day June 17 the vaccination of this age range, and that previously, during the first fortnight of the month, everyone over 50 will have received at least one dose or will already be immunized.

Meanwhile, the number of people hospitalized by coronavirus in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of the Valencian Community has plummeted 94% this year and a total of seven hospitals in the province of Alicante have one or no person in the ICU for coronavirus.

On the other hand, local, national, regional police and the Civil Guard will form the reinforcement team who will watch the coastline of the province this weekend, the first complete without alarm state and in which the arrival of one is expecteds 200,000 tourists from other areas of Spain.

12·05·2021 21:58

The EU will not renew its contract with Astrazeneca beyond June

The problems with Astrazeneca to fulfill the distributions stipulated in the contract have faced the company and the European Commission for months.

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12·05·2021 21:02

Spain will receive 2.4 million vaccines, the majority from Pfizer

To this remainder will be added 300,000 from Moderna, 316,000 from AstraZeneca and 138,000 from Janssen

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12·05·2021 20:58

Hoteliers ask to plan the de-escalation with the Consell to avoid large bottles

The Business Coordinator of Leisure and Hospitality requests a work table to face the “legal volatility” 15 days after the curfew expires

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12·05·2021 20:43

The Federation of Guilds of Fallas Artists and Bonfires presses for the celebrations of Alicante to be celebrated this year

The collective affirms that the contracts that the builders signed with the commissions are no longer suspended and are in force again

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12·05·2021 20:42

The College of Nursing demands an increase in the ratio of nurses per patient

The institutional act in front of the monument in tribute to the profession highlights the work of these workers during the pandemic and their work in Health

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12·05·2021 20:14

Judges tip the balance more to limiting meetings than curfews

Murcia and Galicia have been the last two communities that have obtained the endorsement of their courts to limit the meetings of non-cohabitating people to six

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12·05·2021 20:13

Darias warns that the closure of nightlife at one is still in force

The minister says that the agglomerations “worry the Government” and insists on making an appeal to the public to be responsible

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12·05·2021 19:00

Sánchez defends the release of vaccine patents

The president signs an article in the ‘Financial Times’ in which he warns that intellectual property “cannot be an obstacle” to guarantee equitable and universal access to them

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12·05·2021 18:59

Health communicates 6,418 new infections and 108 more deaths

The cumulative incidence continues its downward trend, falling almost seven points and is now 173 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

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12·05·2021 17:59

A new fast and reliable test that offers results in four minutes with a Spanish seal

It is capable of detecting the virus in extremely low concentrations, which corresponds to a viral load that correlates with the initial stages

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12·05·2021 17:58

Health notifies 27 new cases of coronavirus in the province

Alicante hospitals maintain the number of patients admitted with 37 in the ward and 9 in the ICU

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12·05·2021 10:44

Life after the applause. The nurses appreciate the recognition of their work during the pandemic but demand guarantees for young people to end job insecurity.

12·05·2021 09:36

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, raises the possibility that COVID-19 could disappear at the end of next year. “Maybe at the end of next year we can say that there is no coronavirus. We are in that situation, it will probably continue with us, but there are options that it will not happen like that“, has asserted.

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