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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today, Tuesday, December 22: confinement of municipalities, new restrictions and cases

The last hour of the coronavirus in Alicante live.

The last hour of the coronavirus in Alicante live.

With the last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante of today, tuesday, december 22, we know that Spain has limited flights to the UK after the appearance of the new most contagious strain. Experts believe that the new coronavirus mutation could already be circulating in the Valencian Community, though Kika Colom, microbiologist of the UMH believes that “the new strain will not lower the effectiveness of the vaccine because it does not affect the antibodies.”

In addition, Health use volunteer staff to face the covid vaccination. In the hospitals of Alicante and Sant Joan they have already begun to survey the workers of the health centers to find out who will want to collaborate in the campaign that begins on Sunday.

Spain limits flights with the United Kingdom after the appearance of the new most contagious strain

The restriction does not affect Spaniards who move between the two countries or the 70,000 British residents that the province currently has, who will be able to fly freely as long as they prove a negative PCR test. More information.

Passengers on a London flight in the arrivals area of ​​the airport, yesterday. PILAR CORTÉS

21·12·2020 20:18

Brussels gives green light to BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19

Distribution will begin on Saturday to all EU countries, which will be able to start vaccination a day later

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21·12·2020 19:06

Those who are vaccinated against covid will have a vaccination card

The certificate will include the type of injectable, the lot number and the date of administration of the first and second doses.

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21·12·2020 19:05

The province of Alicante registers 249 new cases of coronavirus

Alicante hospitals currently have 359 people admitted, 81 of them in the ICU

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21·12·2020 15:25

Spain agrees with Portugal to suspend flights from the United Kingdom

The new strain of coronavirus, which originates in the United Kingdom, is out of control

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21·12·2020 15:13

These are the population groups that will be vaccinated from March

Teachers as well as workers in closed environments will be the next after the first wave

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21·12·2020 13:40

Christmas so close and so far

Angela, Australian resident

Six Alicante residents living abroad tell how the holidays will pass and what restrictions prevail in the countries where they live – This situation makes them value more “family, affection and being able to hug your loved ones”

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21·12·2020 12:55

The Valencian Community is the fourth with the highest risk of a coronavirus outbreak

Since the record of positives on December 15, the accumulated incidence of infections has not stopped rising

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21·12·2020 12:00

The Local Police imposes 152 complaints for failing to comply with the state of alarm in Alicante

Of these sanctions, a total of 46 have been for breaching the curfew and not being able to justify travel in the city

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21·12·2020 11:03

Christmas COVID: The dinners of uncertainty

Seafood, lamb, sparkling wine, nougat or grapes … In five stories, from six different points of the country, diverse economic actors tell how they experience the effect caused by the pandemic in their sector

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21·12·2020 10:44

Spain does not cancel flights with the United Kingdom, but reinforces PCR test control

The Government insists that it will defend “the need to adopt coordinated measures” in the EU

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21·12·2020 10:30

Illa has no evidence that the British strain has reached Spain

He says that the vaccine will be effective with this strain and that there should be coordination in Europe

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21·12·2020 09:59

Alicantinos return in extremis from London after the closure imposed by Johnson

José Adrián and Thalia manage to return after the uncertainty PABLO GONZÁLEZ

The measures announced by the British Prime Minister for the new strain strain the complicated return of young residents of the United Kingdom.

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21·12·2020 08:01

The health workers warn of “scams” in tests of private companies to detect the covid. Professionals warn that rapid tests offered in catalogs at different prices cause “false negatives, false security against the virus and increased infections.” More information

20·12·2020 13:08

This is how the coronavirus spreads at home: the keys to a safe Christmas dinner

The Christmas Eve meetings will take place on the 24th, but for how long will they be safe if a diner is infected with covid? An MIT application allows establishing the time in which a closed space is safe against covid-19

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19·12·2020 18:30

This is how the center of Alicante is at the moment: full streets in the main commercial streets of the city


This is the center of Alicante a few days after Christmas
Alex Dominguez

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