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Last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante today, Tuesday, June 15: restrictions, mass vaccination and infections

With the last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante from today, tuesday, june 15, We know that the United Kingdom is extending the restrictions and Costa Blanca rules out recovering British tourists until autumn. The Government of Boris Johnson justifies the new delay of one month due to the great advance of the covid. Hoteliers assume that it is almost impossible for the English to return in August.

On the other hand, doctors, veterinarians and climatologists warn that climate change will bring more pandemics by weakening the immune system. Specialists point out that the rate at which new epidemic outbreaks appear has accelerated, from one every 50 years to one every ten.

What’s more, Puig will ask the Government to remove the mask on the beach in July. The head of the Consell believes that its use should be maintained in large cities “because of the symbolic fact that the virus is there.” 90% of the population over 50 years old already has at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

14·06·2021 20:49

The United Kingdom extends the restrictions and the Costa Blanca rules out recovering British tourists until the autumn

The Government of Boris Johnson justifies the new delay of one month due to the great advance of the covid

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14·06·2021 19:38

Health sees closer the possibility of stopping requiring the mask outdoors

Simón advances a decision “soon”, although the end of the obligation will be “progressive” and conditional on the advance of vaccination

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14·06·2021 18:27

Health notifies 8,167 new cases of Covid-19 and 16 deaths and the incidence falls to 104

Occupancy in ICUs, which reached a maximum of 45.3% in February, is below 10% for the first time this year

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14·06·2021 17:59

Madrid will open nightlife on June 21 until three in the morning

They cannot accept clients an hour before, indoors, the capacity is 50% and 75% in outdoor venues

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14·06·2021 17:26

The province registers 71 infected students and 10 teachers

The incidence is still minimal in educational centers although it has increased slightly for a month

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14·06·2021 17:25

Health registers 39 new cases of coronavirus in the province of Alicante

Hospital admissions stabilized in 28 patients, eight of them in the ICU. Outbreak in Torrevieja with 17 children under 16 affected

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14·06·2021 15:27

The Community will ask the government that the mask cease to be mandatory in July on the beach and natural spaces

Ximo Puig is committed to keeping it even in the cities. More information.

14·06·2021 14:50

The judge imputes the mayor of La Nucía for the vip vaccinations

The court cites as witnesses a dozen workers from the residence and Public Health. More information.

Bernabé Cano, the day he was vaccinated.

14·06·2021 12:42

The breast milk of infected and vaccinated women has covid antibodies.

Two studies by the CSIC and the Hospital Clínico de València “suggest that breastfeeding is a vehicle for transmitting antibodies” from the mother to the baby.

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The breast milk of infected and vaccinated women has antibodies. SHUTTERSTOCK

14·06·2021 12:39

What our natural killer cells are and how they work and why they can be used to fight cancer.

From the moment we are born, our body is prepared to fight any infection that comes from outside. It is possible to do better or worse depending on the virus, but our body has active defenses since we see the light of the world for the first time. For more information, continue reading here.

What our natural killer cells are and how they work and why they can be used to fight cancer

14·06·2021 12:36

Novavax claims its vaccine is 91% effective in high-risk patients.

The company assures that its serum, still in phase 3 study, has been shown to be 93% effective against the main variants of the virus that circulate today.

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Archive – Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine NOVAVAX – Archivo

14·06·2021 11:43

Germany records fewer than 1,000 coronavirus cases in one day for the first time since September.

The German authorities report 549 cases of coronavirus and 10 deaths in the last 24 hours. Continue reading.

Coronavirus vaccination campaign in Germany Christian Charisins / dpa

14·06·2021 10:59

Sanidad distributes more than 1.3 million new doses of Pfizer.

Last week, 654,232 vaccines were administered in its single day, the highest daily figure since the campaign began.

A health worker prepares a dose of Pfizer. EFE

14·06·2021 10:42

Elda University Hospital reaches 17 specialties in health training.

The Ministry of Health accredits the Department of Health to instruct future specialists in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Read more.

File image of the Minister of Health and the manager of the Department of Health of Elda in the hospital in August 2018.

14·06·2021 10:33

The trick to know when you will get the covid vaccine before the message reaches you.

There is a way to find out the day and time of the vaccination before receiving the SMS, as well as discovering which antidote you will be inoculated. If you want to continue reading.

Mass vaccination in Alicante Hector Fuentes

14·06·2021 10:23

Vaccination by age group: check when your appointment will arrive to get vaccinated.

Health updates weekly the dates on which the notice to receive the immunization will be received. Read more.

A healthcare worker prepares a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 A. Pérez Meca – Europa Press

14·06·2021 10:17

Elche reaches a rate of more than 15,000 people vaccinated per week.

In this sense, Elche has reached, for now, a vaccination rate of more than 15,000 people per week. More information here.

Vaccination in Elche INFORMATION

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