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Last minute of the covid restrictions for Christmas in the Valencian Community today Tuesday, December 8

The last hour of the new restrictions in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

The last hour of the new restrictions in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

The last minute of the new restrictions for Christmas in the Valencian Community from today, tuesday, december 8, leads us to know that shopping centers will intensify capacity control at parties. Similarly, The Consell has authorized this weekend the meetings of up to 10 people on the key days of the holidays and extend curfew.

For its part, Spain holds its breath in the middle of a December bridge considered “key” to calibrate the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic and that it can end up being, according to experts have warned, decisive before the celebration of next christmas.

The first rapid tests for covid antibodies arrive at the pharmacies of the province of Alicante

The tests cost between 25 and 28 euros and require a prescription. Expand the information.

Rapid antibody tests are already beginning to reach pharmacies in the province of Alicante. | RAFA ARJONES

The covid crisis still maintains 22,600 workers in an ERTE in the province

Alicante leads the number of affected in the Community, which adds 46,460 temporary dismissals. More information.

One of the last protests of the nightlife of Alicante due to the tightening of the restrictions. | PILAR CORTÉS

07·12·2020 18:46

They create low cost device to measure air quality in closed places

The device will send notifications to warn of possible increases in the level of CO2, very useful to control hospitality premises, shops or educational centers

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07·12·2020 18:38

The province of Alicante registers 630 new cases of coronavirus since last Friday

Hospitalized patients were reduced by 188 people and ICUs by 43 people in the last week. Health registers 2,788 discharges since the last update

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07·12·2020 16:22

China finds remains of the virus in frozen packaging from Uruguay and Brazil

Brazilian frozen pork and Uruguayan beef packages tested positive

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07·12·2020 15:03

The EU approves that vaccines and coronavirus tests may be exempt from VAT

It is a temporary modification to the rules, since it will be in force until December 31, 2022. More information.

Image of Pfizer vaccines, awaiting EU authorization

07·12·2020 13:34

A patient buys lottery for health workers with his discharge date from the ICU

Acquire 60 tenths of 05520 to share with hospital professionals. More information.

Health professionals from the Ourense hospital

07·12·2020 13:07

Europe prepares for the mass vaccination process

The UK will be the first in the West to try to immunize its population with the Pfizer vaccine. More information.

Several pharmaceutical companies remain immersed in the race for the vaccine

07·12·2020 12:35

Alicante is the province of the Community with the most workers in ERTE

More than 22,600 people from Alicante still have their jobs temporarily suspended due to the Covid crisis. Expand the information.

Members of the Alicante hospitality sector stage the “death” of the sector due to the covid restrictions.

07·12·2020 12:15

The OECD warns that the Covid will put more pressure on the financing of pensions

They indicate that in the absence of employment, many people will be unable to save for their retirement. Expand the information.

A couple of pensioners walk in Valencia

07·12·2020 12:02

The need to freeze the vaccine may determine priority groups

A study indicates that the first to receive it should be health workers in contact with patients. More information.

A Pfizer employee works with doses of the vaccine

07·12·2020 12:02

Hafephobia: the fear that emerges with the coronavirus

It is the phobia of being touched when relating physical contact with the contagion of covid-19 or death. More information.

Haphephobia is the fear of physical contact.

07·12·2020 10:52

Illa presents the Christmas campaign of the Ministry of Health

The minister emphasizes the restrictions on mobility, capacity and hours for the holidays. Access the live.

07·12·2020 10:16

Jobs in Alicante in times of covid

Women in the province with precarious jobs warn that their employment situation has been aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic because the work they do is “invisible” and they do not receive financial aid. More information.

Shoe dresser, one of the most common and also most invisible professions in Elche. | INFORMATION

07·12·2020 09:47

Education rules out online classes on January 7 and 8 in schools and institutes

The European School of Alicante will carry out two days of telematic teaching after Reyes, a kind of “preventive” quarantine to ensure a safer return. More information.

The European School of Alicante. | INFORMATION

07·12·2020 09:46

Almost 9,000 young people return to their parents’ home due to the pandemic

22% of those under 30 lose their financial independence. Read the news.

Aitana Tejedor has left behind the flat where she lived with a friend in the Benimaclet neighborhood. | F. BUSTAMANTE

07·12·2020 08:38

The December bridge, key to calibrating the evolution of the pandemic

The CCAA maintain the downward trend of contagion while preparing the Christmas measures. More information.

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

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