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Last minute of the covid restrictions for Christmas in the Valencian Community today Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The last hour of the new restrictions in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

The last hour of the new restrictions in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

The last minute of the coronavirus in Alicante of Today, Tuesday, January 5, 2021, leads us to know that income from covid overflow to hospitals in the province, that they already put beds even in the gym and is that Alicante adds more than 1,000 new infections. Lthe third wave of covideffectss 36 centers for the elderly of the province while Health rules out changes back to class on January 7 in schools and institutes.

On vaccination, the employers’ association of geriatrics urgespeedingd up vaccination, which has only reached one in six residences and citizens with the intention of being vaccinated against the covid they double in just two months.

Covid income overflows hospitals in the province, which already put beds even in the gym

192 of the 264 existing places See occupied inICUs. More information.

An ambulance takes a patient to the Emergency Department of the Vega Baja Hospital

04·01·2021 19:59

The United Kingdom adds another record with 58,784 new infections by Covid-19

The ministry also reported another 407 deaths, bringing the total to 75,431

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04·01·2021 18:36

Health notifies 30,579 infections and 241 deaths since New Year’s Eve

The cumulative incidence decreases slightly and stands at 272 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

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04·01·2021 18:35

The province reSeecord record of infections: 1,002 positive cases

Health confirms 32 new outbreaks in municipalities of Alicante and 43 deaths in the Valencian Community in the last two days

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04·01·2021 17:08

Scotland returns to strict confinement due to the advance of the pandemic

Boris Johnson will announce new restrictions on Monday due to the escalation of infections

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04·01·2021 16:47

Japan prepSees a new state of emergency for the rise of infections

This exceptional measure was already applied last spring during the first wave of infections

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04·01·2021 16:46

Madrid guarantees despite the criticism that it can give 24,000 vaccines a week

Antonio Zapatero assures that there is no problem “neither logistical nor of personnel” to administer them

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04·01·2021 16:45

A former director of the WHO asks to vaccinate “as if it were a war operation”

The epidemiologist assures that he has entered “fully” in a third wave that will be “more virulent”

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04·01·2021 15:43

The Generalitat will decide tomorrow if it tightens the restrictions to stop the pandemic

The Valencian Community has broken records of infections and hospitalizations

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04·01·2021 14:38

What scientists know about Covid-19 a year later

The development of vaccines is the most positive after months of research while they continue to search for effective treatments. More information.

04·01·2021 14:28

Catalonia approves 10 days of municipal confinement and limitations on trade

The Generalitat imposes new restrictions, although they will not come into effect until next Thursday the 7th. More information.

04·01·2021 13:49

The US considers cutting the dose of Moderna’s vaccine by halfspeedingd up the campaign

The person in charge of the vaccination program guarantees an identical immune response in people between 18 and 55 years old. More information.

04·01·2021 13:29

A covid sensor for the house

A UPV research team creates a high precision system to quantify the presence of SARS-CoV 2 in interior spaces such as homes, classrooms or restaurants. More information.

Image of the sensor created in Valencia

04·01·2021 13:05

Health begins to vaccinate first-line health workers on the 11th of covid

As of December 31, only 5,000 vaccinations had been administered due to holidays. More information.

04·01·2021 12:50

The Generhemiplegial of Elche says that it maintains urgent consultations and interventions

The management ensures that thoseeffectsed will be informed by phone of the suspensions. More information.

04·01·2021 12:19

An 82-year-old man, the first to receive the Oxford vaccine in the UK

In addition to Oxford / AstraZeneca, the country is vaccinating with Pfizer / BioNTech. More information.

The Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine.

04·01·2021 12:05

138 people See admitted to Elche for covid, 25 in theICU

The Generhemiplegial is enabling a fourth hemiplanta and the data worsens compSeed to April. More information.

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