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Last minute of the new coronavirus restrictions in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón

The last minute on the new restrictions in the Valencian Community from today, wednesday, november 11, leads us to know that Health cannot bend the contagion curve While the coronavirus pandemic let 14 more dead in the province of Alicante. Likewise, the occupation of ICUs by covid-19 rubs already 39%, and exceeds the national average, and the military have returned to the Petrer nursing home to fight the virus and disinfect the La Molineta residence.

The military returns to the Petrer nursing home to fight the coronavirus.

The NBC Regiment will disinfect the La Molineta residence for two days. Read the news.


The Army returns to the Petrer nursing home to disinfect its facilities
Alex Alvarez

The occupancy of ICUs by covid is already close to 39% and exceeds the national average.

93 coronavirus patients are admitted to the Intensive Care Units of the province, which reaches the highest alert level set by the ministry. More information.

Health personnel attend to a patient in the ICU.

Health fails to bend the contagion curve while the pandemic leaves 14 more dead.

The incidence in the localities with the first restrictions continues to be over 200 cases. Read the news.

Police control in Petrer, a municipality in which a perimeter closure has been applied

10·11·2020 21:16

Italy does not rule out a new confinement after registering 580 dead

The total count of the pandemic is 995,463 positives and 42,330 fatalities. More information

10·11·2020 20:35

Only 1 in 8 Spaniards declare themselves willing to get the vaccine as soon as it is ready

6 out of 10 would prefer to wait longer to be vaccinated, and would not do so until a year after the arrival of the vaccine. Read the full news here.

10·11·2020 20:13

Simón sees the data on the vaccine as very encouraging, but asks for caution

The epidemiologist reminds that this is a preliminary analysis and that it should be expected. Read the full news here.

Fernando Simon.

10·11·2020 19:53

14 people die of covid in the province of Alicante, the highest number since the beginning of April

Health notifies 713 new infections. Read the news here.

Control of covid patients admitted to the operating rooms of a hospital

10·11·2020 19:26

They warn that Covid-19 could develop resistance to the vaccine

At least 198 vaccines are under development, 44 are under clinical evaluation. More information.

10·11·2020 19:09

The coronavirus hits the lower classes more because of their mobility patterns

Researchers at Stanford University created a computer model of propagation. More information here.

10·11·2020 18:51

Health notifies 17,395 new infections and 411 deaths

The Ministry communicates a lower figure compared to the 18,669 on the same day of the previous week. Expand the news here.

10·11·2020 18:41

Ana Barceló’s appearance ends live.

10·11·2020 18:31

Health announces that they will extend the contracts of 7,045 healthcare professionals the first six months of 2021

10·11·2020 18:25

Barceló insists that the most important thing is to comply with the restrictive measures.

10·11·2020 18:20

“All hospitals still have the capacity to expand. Up to 300 ICU beds can be installed taking advantage of available spaces”

10·11·2020 18:11

Emphasizes that outbreaks are mostly of social origin. More than 42% occur in people between 45 and 64 years old, 25.7% between 15 and 34 years old and 18.9% over 65

10·11·2020 18:08

“The 23.84% of those hospitalized are Covid, of the total number of patients who are admitted to the Valencian Community ”

10·11·2020 18:07

Deaths reported today: 39, 15 of them lived in residences “and the rest people who were admitted with a fatal outcome.” The councilor explains that the 39 deaths have not occurred in one day, but throughout the week

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