Friday, October 22

Latin American Citizens Missing After Building Collapse Near Miami

(CNN) — Authorities in several Latin American countries have confirmed that several of their citizens resided or were in the building in Surfside, Florida, which collapsed early Thursday.

Below is a breakdown by nationality of the latest figures released by the authorities:

Paraguay: 6 missing

Relatives of Paraguay’s first lady, Silvana López Moreira, are missing in the building collapse, including her sister, brother-in-law and their three children, the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry told CNN en Español on Thursday. In total, the whereabouts of six Paraguayans are unknown, according to the ministry.

They are looking for relatives of the first lady of Paraguay in Miami 2:44

Colombia: 6 nationals resided in the building

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said there are records of six Colombians who resided in the building, but authorities have not clarified whether they are missing.

«Faced with the collapse of the building in #Miami, @CancilleriaCol reports that there is a report of 6 nationals who resided in the building. It is verified if they were in the building at the time of the events. Consulate of Colombia is in place and attentive to official information, ”the embassy tweeted.

Venezuela: 6 missing

Brian Fincheltub, director of consular affairs of Venezuela, said this Thursday on his official Twitter account that “At the moment we handle information from 6 Venezuelans not located in the collapse of the building in Surfside.”

Report 6 Venezuelans missing after collapse in Miami 1:01

Argentina: 9 missing

The Argentines Andrés Galfrascoli, 45 years old; his partner Fabián Nuñez, 55, and his daughter, Sofía Galfrascoli Núñez, 6, are among the disappeared, said his friend Nicolás Fernández to CNN in Spanish Thursday. The three were on vacation in Florida, staying at a friend’s condo, according to Fernandez. He spent time with the couple on Wednesday night and made plans to meet with them on Thursday morning. “We do not know anything, we do not have any closure and that is what hurts,” laments Fernández. He has searched for his friends in local hospitals with no luck.

Nine Argentines missing in building collapse 1:10

Uruguay: 3 missing

Three Uruguayan citizens are among those missing after the building collapsed, according to the Uruguayan Consulate in Miami. The consulate is in contact with local authorities and with the families of the disappeared, Consul General Eduardo Bouzout said. “The relatives are very concerned, of course, because they have not been able to contact them since they learned of this tragic collapse,” Bouzout said in an audio shared by the consulate with CNN.

Consul of Uruguay narrates misfortune due to collapse in Miami 1:32

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