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Latin American Leftist Leaders Join Castillo’s “Self-Crowning”


A concerted strategy when the union member and teacher must still overcome the nullity process of almost 200,000 votes proposed by his rival, the populist Keiko Fujimori, which has further increased the polarization and tension that the Andean country suffers.

Pedro Castillo greets the supporters from the headquarters of Peru
Pedro Castillo greets the supporters from the Per Libre headquarters.SEBASTIAN CASTANEDAREUTERS
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Several leaders of the Latin American left have come to the aid of Pedro Castillo, candidate of Per Libre, who leads the electoral count with more than 99% of the tally sheets. A concerted strategy when the unionist and teacher must still pass the nullity process of almost 200,000 votes raised by her rival, the populist Keiko Fujimori, which has further increased the polarization and tension that the Andean country suffers.

The first to react was Argentine President Alberto Fernndez, under the spotlight of the continent after his racist statements on Wednesday with Pedro Snchez. “Today I communicated with Pedro Castillo, president-elect of Peru. I expressed my wish that we join forces in favor of Latin America. We are deeply twinned nations, “wrote the leader of the Puebla Group, which brings together leftist, populist and revolutionary leaders of the continent, on his social networks.

Castillo (50.18%) maintains a 63,000 vote lead on Keiko (49.82%) with 99.40% of the minutes recorded, but he has not yet been declared president-elect. The slim margin of 0.36% plus the delaying tactic implemented by Fuerza Popular, similar to that carried out by Donald Trump in the United States, delay the final pronouncement for several days, according to experts.

The maneuver of the Argentine president was firmly contested by the Peruvian government, whose Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note of protest to the Argentine ambassador in Lima: “The final results of the 2021 general elections have not yet been announced by the electoral authorities of our country “.

“The great homeland joins forces to continue the fight for a tomorrow with justice and equality for the peoples,” the Bolivian president highlighted in his congratulations. Luis Arce, to the “elected president of Peru.” Another show of support for the indigenous revolution, which is one of the mirrors Castillo intends to focus on if his victory is finally confirmed. Maple chose to illustrate his message the video of Castilo’s self-coronation, when he won victory without the electoral results being closed.

Evo Morales I took the opportunity to pay off old debts with the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa: “He lost to Fujimori father in 1990 and lost to Fujimori daughter in 2021. He writes a lot in favor of neoliberalism but cannot read the reality of our peoples.” Vargas Llosa, through his son lvaro, was in favor of revising the contested minutes.

The third reaction came from Managua amid the hunt and capture of opposition presidential candidates undertaken by Sandinismo. “In the name of our sovereign, blessed and always free Nicaragua”, the presidential couple made up of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo he congratulated the “brother and militant Peruvian people with their elected president, fellow rural teacher Pedro Castillo, a genuine, vibrant and dignifying symbol of our original cultural identity.”

The former Brazilian president Lula da Silva, which is also part of the Puebla Group, like Evo Morales, highlighted the “advance” in the popular struggle in the region.

In the antipodes of these leaders, the Idea Group, which groups together former presidents of the region and of Spain, spoke, which urged “both applicants to contribute with their leaderships to sustain citizen peace and wait for the constitutionally competent bodies to dictate their final resolution “. Among the signatories are the Spanish Jos Mara Aznar, the Argentinian Mauricio Macri and the colombian lvaro Uribe.

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