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Latino entrepreneurship: they sell Chilitos, homemade Mexican sweets online in the United States and earn $ 105,000 a year

The Jiménez brothers were encouraged to undertake to sell to family and friends and one year after starting they already make deliveries to the entire country.

Photo: Andres Ayrton / Pexels

Everyone has in mind to start a business that allows them to be their own boss and that is what happened to the Jiménez brothers. JJ and Rudy thought about a year ago start a home business that would allow them to get some extra money.

So they decided to sell homemade Mexican-American sweets to friends and family, and perhaps a few followers on social media, CNBC Make It posted.

JJ and Rudy never imagined that what started as a side activity it would become a full-time business with six-figure annual revenue.

And all just a year after planning it, since JJ, 26, and Rudy Jimenez, 19, today have their business called “Enchilositos Treats”, which ships spicy and bittersweet sweets throughout the United States.

The sibling couple began making the treats, called sweet chilitos or enchilados, coated with Mexican spices like chili powder and chamoy (a spicy sweet paste made from pickled fruits and chili peppers), with the idea of ​​initially selling them to friends, family members. and neighbors.

They made their first batch with Gushers and other gummy candies coated in chamoy, chili powder, and other spices. They started the candy business with ingredients purchased from their local supermarket and mixed up in the kitchen of her parents’ small apartment in California.

They created an Instagram page to advertise your treats in June 2020, and a day later, they comment that they had more than 100 followers on their account and people sent them messages to ask for bags of sweets. Today his Instagram already has around 18,000 followers.

When they started the adventure Rudy was finishing his high school degree and JJ had already worked in restaurants, in a factory and doing food deliveries for GrubHub. She also gained experience reselling items on eBay, from toys to DVDs to handbags her mother bought at garage sales.

In the end that experience gave him the confidence to try to start his own company with his sister Rudy. JJ had saved just over $ 10,000 on his various jobs, and invested it in his new venture, including building a website to make it easy to handle online orders, as well as branded packaging and shipping materials to ship his treats. to more customers outside the local market.

Within a few months of the launch, JJ and Rudy were getting 30 candy orders a day and up to 60 on a really good day, which they prepared with fresh ingredients every day and delivered them themselves.

“As we go through the months and get more and more orders, we think, ‘That’s crazy,’” Rudy says now.

After its first 12 months, Enchilositos Treats already generated more than $ 105,000 in online sales revenue.

“It started as a side hustle … our goal was not to make a lot of money or even become great,” says JJ, who assures that “Once you taste them (the sweets), you just fall in love.”

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