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Launch of the first autonomous inventory robot with artificial intelligence

ID Logistics has just introduced the first autonomous inventory robot that operates with artificial intelligence. This robot, called ASTRID, has been jointly developed by ID Logistics and the French companies E-Dentic and Wyca. This robot represents a worldwide innovation in the logistics market, since it does not need human intervention to know its route, direct it or carry out inventory work.

Taking inventory is a complex and time-consuming task for both the logistics company and its customer. Against a backdrop of product disruptions related to supply chain difficulties and global health crises, inventories and warehouse sizes tend to increase. Logistics providers must find solutions to ensure reliable tracking of all stock. This monitoring must be regular, autonomous and reliable to guarantee the availability of the products and the productivity of the warehouse.

ID Logistics has developed, together with the companies E-Dentic and Wyca, a new stock management tool: the ASTRID autonomous inventory robot. This technology responds to two challenges:

  • Regularly optimize the reliability of the warehouse stock, carrying out a high-speed inventory of pallets in a 100% autonomous manner.
  • Provide in real time all the information necessary for the correct management of the supply chain of its customers.
    A collaborative project between three major players in innovation

The ASTRID autonomous inventory robot was born from a collaborative project between ID Logistics, Wyca Robotics and E-Dentic. ID Logistics, thanks to its business experience, was the promoter and coordinator of the project. Wyca Robotics is a specialist AMR company, a pioneer in the development of autonomous robots and a specialist in linear store inventory. For its part, E-Dentic is a computer integrator specializing in artificial intelligence and a partner of ID Logistics since 2016. E-Dentic and ID Logistics have co-developed cargo tracking using electronic beacons and have made the first deployments of video tracking solutions .

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In the ASTRID project, Wyca Robotics was in charge of the robotic platform, and E-Dentic, of the HMI (Human Machine Interface), as well as the analysis of the photos by means of artificial intelligence.

The technology will be deployed in three stages:

  • A deployment in France among ID Logistics customers, with 11 robots installed in 2022/2023.
  • A marketing in France, from September 2022.
  • An international opening, for ID Logistics subsidiaries, starting in 2023.
    E-Dentic, which is the integrator of the solution, will be in charge of the marketing, the implementation, the hotline, as well as the coordination of the maintenance operations. “ASTRID is the latest addition to our innovation department and, after 3 years of research and development, we are especially proud to be able to launch its operational deployment. This is a true innovation that responds both to the request of our customers to make their stock management more reliable and to improve the working conditions of our teams. From ID Logistics we thank our partners Wyca Robotics and E-Dentic for joining us in this process. – Eric Hémar, President of ID Logistics “We are proud of this technology partnership with ID Logistics, a major contract logistics player recognized for its high-tech offering and operational excellence. This collaboration puts robotics at the service of companies and people, facilitating the daily tasks of employees, optimizing and making processes more reliable. This co-innovation confirms the ambition of Wyca Robotics to offer mobile vehicles and robots capable of operating in complex environments in coactivity and autonomy, without external help or adaptation of the environment. This new generation of autonomous vehicles is a decisive step towards the adoption of mobile service robots in all sectors open to the public or professionals. It is a demonstration of our teams’ unique know-how in industrial robotics and indoor autonomous vehicles,” said Patrick Dehlinger, Managing Director of Wyca Robotics.
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“The realization of a technological innovation lies above all in the conviction and perseverance in an idea. And if it is shared, the result is even more rewarding”, said Gilles Tassery President of E-Dentic.

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