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Laura Sánchez: “I consider it essential to go to the psychologist”

Laura Sanchez.

“In the relationship with my daughter there is more flexibility, peace has finally arrived,” says the model, alluding to the legal battle she had for her custody.

The same thing organizes a flamenco fashion show for you in Seville with 84 companies, designs you a bikini, sells you a washing machine or wins over the public as an actress in ‘Paco’s men’… The daughter of Huelva emigrants, Laura Sánchez was born in Germany and is a multitasking perfectionist. “I am more squared than Merkel”, she confessed to this journalist a long time ago. But Merkel would like to have the spark that this ‘top model’ exudes, in addition to that huge smile, inspired by that of her admired Julia Roberts, who made her daughter ask her one day: “Mom, why do you Do you have more teeth than the others?

Solar, fun, joyful and hyperactive, days before embarking on the massive parade ‘Andalucía es flamenca’, held on March 17 in front of the Sevillian palace of San Telmo, Laura shared flashes and laughter with her friend Boris Izaguirre as godparents of the new Miele store in Las Rozas. “I don’t have to make any effort to be an ambassador for this brand because I’ve seen it in my house all my life. When my parents moved from Frankfurt to Huelva, her German washing machine was her life for my mother». And Laura has inherited that… «I’m a very housewife. To put washing machines and also with care. Do not mix anything for me, each thing with its right temperature ».

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Kitchenettes are also declared. Although his time on ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ was brief, today he boasts of embroidering rice with rabbit and artichokes, chickpea stew with shrimp or a Pedro Ximénez sirloin at low temperature. «When I left home I didn’t even know how to fry an egg -she admits- but today one of the best therapies in my life is to go to the market in the morning with my shopping cart and have hours to cook at home with my music. That is a gift of life.”

In her ‘playlist’ there is a gap for songs by her husband, the singer David Ascanio. «But small -he says ironically- because I’m very into flamenco». The couple is about to celebrate 13 years of living together, the model’s favorite number. «David is my business partner (in ‘Bloomers & Bikini’) and also sentimental. He is my traveling companion. We are ‘sooooooo’ different. There are times of the year when I can lose my temper with him, ha, ha, ha… But they are few».

The secret, according to Laura, is not wanting to change the other. «My Ascanio will never be an orderly person no matter how much I pretend. But he is an artist and he has many other qualities ».

After a brilliant career as an international model, this woman from Huelva says she feels “much better at 40 than at 20.” Five years ago she decided to take the gym seriously. Today she practices yoga, functional training and ‘Ballet fit’, a very demanding postural exercise. “I think I’ve even grown from how straight I’m going,” she jokes from her 1.80-meter vantage point. Her mind has also been worked on. He has been going to the psychologist for more than fifteen years, something that he considers “essential” and explains that for about two or three years he has reached “that point of balance in which, as Rafa Nadal says, neither triumphs overwhelm me nor failures sink me . It is not that I am happy all the time, but every time there are less worries, less anger and less ups and downs».

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Inspired by his mother

Laura’s main inspiration is her mother, who is the one who has taught her to live, to enjoy and to give the right importance to things. «She always says: Is there health? Well then everything else is solved. And she also usually recommends to me: Honey, you enjoy that the problems come by themselves. My mother has taught me not to wait for happiness but to enjoy every moment. And it is something that I try to instill in my daughter, that she is also an enjoyer ».

His relationship with Naia, the result of his romance with Aitor Ocio, is currently very fluid. “Now there is more flexibility. She is already a teenager, she will be 16 years old in August and we have wonderful communication. The other day she had a very important soccer match. I took a plane, I saw her play and I left. A few days later we met again. Peace has finally come -she says in allusion to the legal battle that she had with Ocio for the custody of his daughter-. Peace always comes. I’m in a great moment.”

The model is not considering having more children right now. “I don’t feel the maternal instinct that I had in my twenties.” But a lot of her friends are giving birth… “So I’m going to be a super fun ‘auntie’ because I’m really into babies. To be a mother you have to have a lot of desire and right now it is not in my plans. Although, the truth, -Laura clarifies between laughs- in these subjects better never say of this water I will not drink».

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