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Laura Wasser, the lawyer who divorces celebrities and now represents Kim Kardashian | People

Laura Wasser, better known as the queen of divorce, He is a figure present among the most powerful lawyers in the United States. A position earned by hand with each of the separations that he has taken care of. One of the first phrases you hear when you arrive at his office –Wasser Copperman and Mandless– is that if you don’t have more than 10 million dollars, you’d better find another lawyer. An expert in family law, she charges almost 1,000 euros per hour and asks for an advance of 25,000 dollars for her services (about 23,000 euros). In his elegant office hangs a painting with a meaningful word The End (end). The last famous to request his services has been Kim Kardashian, who has already started the legal procedures to end her relationship with Kanye West after seven years of marriage. One of the first tips that the lawyer gives her clients is to negotiate in private. And in that is now one of the most famous couples in the entertainment industry.

This woman with an iron fist and a privileged agenda was born to be a lawyer. As she herself recalls, it was conceived the day her father, the also lawyer with whom Dennis Wasser shares his office, graduated as a lawyer. Her mother wanted to call her Rebecca, but in a nod to fate they named her Laura Allison Wasser so that her initials were LAW (law, in English).

The lawyer is the author of the book It doesn’t have to be that way: How to divorce without destroying your family or bankrupting yourself (It doesn’t have to be this way: how to get divorced without destroying the family or going broke), a compendium of what not to do if necessary, based on examples of what others have done. A book inspired by her own experiences: her parents divorced when she was 16 years old and she admits that the first breakup she led as a lawyer was her own. It was in 1993, after having married at the age of 25 to a Spaniard whom she met while studying law. The marriage lasted a year and a child.

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You say you know how to get divorced, not how to be married. Today, this single mother with a second child from another relationship continues to be friends with her ex-husband, who visits regularly, in the same way that her parents remain friends and attended her wedding and other family gatherings together. Represented Angelina Jolie in her divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. On her long list of clients are the breakups of Heidi Klum (from Seal), Kim Kardashian (from basketball player Kris Humphries), Ashton Kutcher (from Demi Moore), Ryan Reynolds (from Scarlett Johansson), Christina Aguilera (from music manager). Jordan Bratman), Mariah Carey (comedian Nick Cannon), Kiefer Sutherland (ex-model Kelly Winn), Nicole Kidman (Tom Cruise) and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Wasser also defended the former wives of Kobe Bryant and Mel Gibson and Maria Shriver when the former Californian first lady grew tired of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelities. He also represented Melanie Griffith in her divorce from Antonio Banderas. One of his latest famous cases has been solving the marriage of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. She also repeated with Angelina Jolie and in her divorce with Brad Pitt although they ended badly and the actress fired her.

But the lawyer also deals with less famous and less wealthy couples. That’s why two years ago it launched a platform online to make your experience reach anyone. It’s Over Easy (It’s over easily) is the name you have given to your express divorce website. He released it in California and New York and then spread it to Nevada, Oregon, Florida, and Texas. The formula offers a “quick and simple divorce process, thanks to artificial intelligence, teachings about the laws of each State through videos and mediation,” he explains on his website. The website offers a free trial and three types of rates depending on the assets of each couple. The basic version costs $ 750 and allows you to download the forms and proposes a schedule for the distribution of the children. The Pro ($ 1,500) recommends it to calculate the alimony and includes 30 minutes on the phone with a family law expert. And finally, the Premium (for $ 2,500), is the best if there are businesses in common, you want the lawyers to process the papers and includes 90 minutes of telephone consultation and unlimited emails. What Wasser has done is replace the mediator. As data is added, the machine gives the best options.

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Wasser is also one of the few fashion-loving lawyers with a wide presence in the media. He knows how to pose and has the face of a fashionista. He has starred in pages of Los Angeles Times, Interview O Vanity Fair. As her mother told her on one occasion, she could already die in peace for having gone out in Vogue.

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