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Lawyer sues his parents because they refuse to support him for life

When we are children, without a doubt, we need our parents, who give us all their care and affection to guide us on this path of life and help us to become independent beings and good people.

In theory, children should only worry about their schoolwork and games in their first years, which is not always the case but in most cases, the economic issue always It is resolved by the parents, who leave home every day to work to bring the financial support that the family needs.

Nevertheless, the obligation of parents to support us ends when we come of age; However, for parents it is difficult to break that bond, so they will always be present in the lives of their children, either to give them emotional support and even money if they need it.

But there are also bad-hearted children who abuse their parents by wanting to take every last penny from them.

That is the terrible story starring a 41-year-old lawyer named Faiz Siddiqui, graduated from Oxford University, and who sued this institution for failing to award him a first degree degree, and also He filed a complaint against his own parents, who refuse to continue supporting him financially.

Faiz has not worked since 2011, precisely because he has been very frowned upon for his lawsuit against Oxford; Nevertheless, This did not prevent him from leading a life of opulence, where he has a luxurious apartment that has been paid for by his parents, those who have a good economic solvency.

The lawyer is demanding that their parents take care of their daily cats, which includes the payment of their housing, their clothes, their food, as well as issues of their health and other luxuries, such as their trips.

As reported The Sun, Faiz’s parents, Rakshanda and Javed, who live in Dubai, have allowed him to live for 20 years without paying a single penny of your rent, an apartment valued at more than $ 1.4 million per month and which is located in Hyde Park, London.

Also, every week they deposit you $ 500 to help you pay your debts and expenses. But the couple has tired of doing it and wanted to take away all financial support, which is why they sued, demanding that they keep it for life.

This decision would have been made by Faiz as a result of a strong discussion with some members of his family; however, he accused them of having “violated his rights as a son”.

The trial against his parents was dismissed by a Family judge in England in the first instance, but now he took the case to the Court of Appeal and there will be no doubt that if the same ruling occurs, he will seek to go to the Supreme Court of Justice.

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