Thursday, September 23

Laya emphasizes that the position on the Sahara has not changed

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, has defended this Wednesday that Spain’s position with respect to Occidental Sahara has not changed with the arrival of the coalition government and it will not do so in the future, while it has opted to “look to the future” in the face of the open crisis with Morocco that the Executive did not want.

Spain’s position regarding the Sahara is a State policyThat is why it is constant, this Government has not changed it and frankly it is not going to change it because it is anchored in inalienable principles such as the defense of multilateralism and respect for international legality, both pillars of foreign action, “he stated emphatically. before the Plenary of the Congress of Deputies, in response to the question posed by the deputy of EH Bildu Jon Iñarritu.

The minister recalled that in March A total of eight parliamentary groups, including the PP, approved in the Senate a resolution in which the Government was asked to “actively support and facilitate in the HIM-HER-IT, on the EU and in the rest of the organizations international a political solution in accordance with International Law and UN resolutions “.

“Spain’s position does not differ in anything from what the United Nations resolutions say,” González Laya insisted. implicitly ruling out the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, as the United States did last December with Donald Trump still as president and how Rabat would be pressing for that to happen.

In addition, he recalled that the efforts of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, have been supporting the search for a solution to the conflict in accordance with the provisions of said resolutions.

“This is the position that Spain supports, this is what it has been and this is what it will be,” he settled the minister, after Iñarritu has expressly asked the Government to “be actively involved” not only so that the right of self-determination of the Sahrawis is recognized but also so that they can exercise it and has encouraged him to recognize the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ( RASD).

Laya “makes a fool of himself”

For her part, in another question before the Plenary, the PP deputy Valentina Martínez Ferro, has harshly criticized González Laya for the crisis with Morocco, denouncing that he carries out “such a discreet diplomacy” that there are not even contacts with the neighboring country. “It does not give stitch without trouble,” has made the ‘popular’ ugly, demanding that the Foreign Minister “stop making a fool of yourself.”

The PP spokesperson in the Foreign Committee has considered it understandable that “her colleagues consider her to be written off”, in reference to her eventual exit in a government crisis, since “she has made Spain irrelevant in the EU, in the US, in Latin America and North Africa “.

In this sense, he has blamed her directly for having authorized the arrival to Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Gali, for humanitarian reasons and for having wanted to “shelve” the matter “emulating the success of the ‘Delcy operation’, a botch typical of amateurs and not of a foreign minister. ”

“It has squandered our credibility and turned it into a weakness,” lamented Martínez Ferro, denouncing that for this reason the support of the European Council has not been obtained in the crisis with Morocco, and the US president, Joe Biden, continues without calling Pedro Sanchez.

PP is the solution

Spain needs a credible, reliable and respected government inside and outside our borders and that is not achieved with lies or pardons“, has abounded, defending that” the problem is you and the solution is us. ”

Thus, he recalled that the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, “has proposed a strategic plan for the development of Ceuta and Melilla, review the visa exemption policy with Morocco, make these cities comparable to the outermost regions and involve Frontex from more actively “.

For that, he concluded, “it is necessary to rectify a strong, effective and sensible foreign policy that allows for the recovery of good neighborly relations with Morocco and with the rest of its partners and allies, but you do not want solutions, what you want is trouble. “.

González Laya, who in the last week after the departure of Brahim Gali from Spain back to Algeria had not spoken about the crisis with Morocco, has defended himself by ensuring that the Government “has neither wished nor fed” this crisis.

For this reason, he added, “he is fully committed to looking to the future and to dialogue” and it is along these lines that “we are working.”

Keep cooperating

In this sense, has highlighted the “exemplary cooperation” that the two countries have carried out in recent years “in many areas” and their “interdependence”, being convinced that it will continue to bear “fruit” in the future. “We hope to continue developing our cooperation that has been so beneficial to both countries,” he added.

As for the criticisms of the PP, he has defended himself by recalling that the ‘popular’ supported the aforementioned resolution in the Senate, in which it was argued that the question of Western Sahara “must constitute a distant state policy devoid of controversies and confrontations. partisans, who in no way favor the required political solution. ”

Thus, it has disfigured the ‘popular’ who have taken three months “to explode this state policy. “Fewer occurrences and more work for the common good,” he ordered them, urging them to “return to state policy” if they want to help.

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