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Lazio president disabled due to irregularities in Covid-19 test

SS Lazio president Claudio Lotito at the team presentation prior to the start of the 2017 season.

Photo: Paolo Bruno / Getty Images

Claudio Lotito, president of SS Lazio, was sanctioned by the Federal Court of Appeal of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) with two months of disqualification due to a series of serious irregularities in the Covid tests made to his team’s squad last season.

in addition the doctors of the Roman institution Ivo Pulcino and Fabio Rodia, were also sanctioned with five months of disqualification, in addition to a fine of 50,000 euros to the entity, as reported by the FIGC in an official statement.

“The Federal Court of Appeal, chaired by Marco Lipari, following the request of the Guarantee Institute of the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) to carry out a new study of the sanction measure on the ‘covid test case’, has partially accepted the resources proposed by the president of the club Claudio Lotito, doctors Ivo Pulcini and Fabio Rodia and SS Lazio, determining a sanction of two months of disqualification for Lotito and five months of disqualification for Pulcini and Rodia “, the statement read .

“The club has been sanctioned with a fine of fifty thousand euros”, it is added.

Claudio Lotito had been initially sanctioned with twelve months of disqualification, however, the appeal filed by his legal defenders led to a reduction in punishment.

The events date back to the end of October 2020, when the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation after some Lazio footballers were left out of the list to play the Champions League match against Bruges of Belgium on October 28, but returned to compete just four days later against Torino in Serie A.

This fact raised more suspicions after those players returned to be low on 4 November in the European duel against Zenit St. Petersburg.

Subsequently the FIGC prosecutor ordered the Lazio sports center to be investigated on two occasions, in which those responsible for checking compliance with the sanitary protocol have listened to President Lotito and doctor Pulcini.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office also recorded the results of the PCR tests to which the template was subjected of the Roman club before the European match Bruges-Lazio, that of Serie A Torino-Lazio and the other European match played against Zenit Saint Petersburg, in which some players were again low.

Contrary to other Serie A clubs, Lazio did not publicly report the names of its coronavirus-positive players and the Italian media assure that two footballers who were infected were called up for two league commitments last year.

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