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Lazy Millionaires League, the pyramid scam alerted from Aragon

The Civil Guard has been in charge of the investigation.

The Civil Guard has been in charge of the investigation.

Lazy Millonaires League. This is how a business group was advertised on Facebook that offered to earn money from home. Hence the lazy of the name, whose translation in Spanish is lazy. A neighbor from La Muela, in Aragon, saw in this form of business an opportunity, not doubting for a second that it could be a fraud. In the end, the woman reported the facts to the Civil Guard, which has determined that it is a pyramid scam whose scam nationwide exceeds the 3 million euros. The titular magistrate of the Court of First Instance and Instruction of La Almunia has just taken up the case. There are ten defendants.

As the investigation of the armed institute points out, victims responded to online marketing advertisements offering to make money from home by purchasing multi-level franchises. The supposed business consisted of acquiring, under payment, a franchise that gave a position in the group’s structure. The neighbor from La Muela who reported the matter contacted the sponsor, MMT, began an online training session and got to know the group’s leaders both in Spain like in Portugal.

The promise was easy: the greater the number of franchises, the higher the position in the group would be and the greater would be the supposed benefit. The number of businesses was increased in two ways: as an investor, that is, paying with money for the acquisition of the franchise, or as a developer, inviting more people to invest.

So that, the neighbor of La Muela carried out several financial transactions amounting to 4,858.82 euros. But not only did she embark on this scam, but she did the same with her cousin, who made an investment with a very similar amount. After the months he saw that they did not have any real economic benefit, the leaders excusing themselves, according to the investigation, in the existence of technical problems.

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They were going to pay him with a cryptocurrency called vivecoin, of which he knew nothing except what her name was. They also gave him a card with which to collect interest at the ATMs themselves, but no money came from there. A modus operandi that investigated the Technological Crimes Team (Edite) of the Civil Guard and they discovered that there were open proceedings in other provinces such as Madrid, Seville or Vigo.

Agents noted that not only did the Lazy Millionaires League exist, but that there were other groups like Bboom +, Seven4you or Way4you. To give a certain image of solvency, according to the armed institute, the leaders and sponsors contacted potential investors, selling them multi-level franchises. All this in rMeetings in luxury hotels in Spain or Portugal and where they organized events to convince victims of the high profitability and safety of the business. In them there were people who within the pyramidal scam were the hooks, people who did collect from the network.

The accounts investigated by the Civil Guard reveal that in one of them, from May 2014 to December 2016, more than 3 million were transferred abroad and the destination of these transactions is unknown. The attorneys for the accusations, including attorney Marina Ons, must now present their indictment. The matter is now in the hands of a judge from La Almunia after the case has been in several courts such as Seville, although the Supreme court It has established that the competent court is the Zaragoza court.

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