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Leaders of the PP believe that Casado has agreed to put on “the suit of a statesman”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Eight days after staging the approach, the government and the PP announced Thursday the renewal of four bodies that had accumulated with the mandate expired. The constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts, the Ombudsman and the Data Protection Agency will have new members from mid-November, when all processes have been completed and appointments have been approved. TO Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Casado However, they lack the fundamental institution, the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), which on December 4 three years ago it should have been updated, an event that will become the hammer for the two politicians in the coming weeks.

A baron believes that he must make “changes in direction” to surround himself with “more squires recognizable to the citizenry.”

Surprisingly, the obstacles that the main opposition party had been arguing for years disappeared. Because right now? The response of a spokesman for the leader of the PP is that he “It has always accepted to renew the organs, including the CGPJ”. But that statement does not correspond to what was heard from the conservative leader himself: he refused to negotiate with the Government because it was “illegitimate”, Because United We Can was part of the coalition, because it had pardoned the leaders of the ‘procés’, because some of its ministers criticized Juan Carlos I …

The unofficial answer that members of their own team give to explain it is that Casado “I needed to show that he also knows how to agree”, which is not a “anti-system” and that the PP “is a state party.” “He has had a window of opportunity and has taken advantage of it,” visually explains another of his collaborators, who like the rest asks to speak without being quoted. And he points out as motivations the good evolution in the surveys throughout the year (although below it will be read that there is already a slowdown) and the overcoming of the national convention “with note” (despite some setbacks).

An autonomous leader who does not govern points out a fact that he considers has encouraged his boss to launch this approach to the Government: Vox swept Catalonia in February (11 seats to 3) without being able to hold any pact against them. Furthermore, he adds, there are no elections in sight. “At least still,” he warns. This deserves a note because it is also a question mark in Married’s calendar: Alfonso Fernández Manueco (PP), president of Castile and Leon, He runs the risk that the PSOE, as of March 10, will present him with another motion of censure because a year of the previous one will have passed. If it wanted to avoid it, it would have to dissolve the Cortes before and call elections.

Forced to reach a broad spectrum

In the absence of the PP and the Executive reaching an agreement for the Judicial Power, Does the agreement already closed suppose that there is a before and after for Casado’s leadership? The official answer is that he is always the same. But it is obvious that the moderate Casado of the Vox motion has nothing to do with the one who, for example, goes to Brussels and questions the cleanliness of the Government to manage European funds.

If the question is raised in the parliamentary group, the responses are so varied that it draws attention. “The only thing he has done these days, by not going in with Otegi, is slow down speech so that it would not contrast so much with the pact. But Casado is caught by Vox and he will raise his voice again when he sees it necessary ”, comments a deputy. Another reveals that the alarm has sounded at headquarters. “If an average of the last ten polls published is made, we have stopped growing because the ‘Ayuso effect’ is beginning to dissipate. We went down more than one point ”, he explains.

A baron with command in the square asks “no illusions” with “the change” of Casado and emphasizes his need to reach all voters “to the right of the PSOE” and combine the “statesman suit“with another of” opposition with many decibels“And to continue advancing in his particular” crossing of the desert “, he thinks that Casado should do “changes in party leadership” to surround yourself with “more recognizable squires for the citizenry, that is not only the general secretary [Teodoro García Egea]”.

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