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League of Legends Vel’Koz Visual Upgrades Are Being Tested

Riot Games announced that visual updates for League of Legends champion Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void, are going on the PBE for testing.

League of Legends champion Vel’Koz is getting a visual update that recently hit Riot Games’ public beta environment for testing. Vel’Koz is a relatively old champion, who was added in 2014, almost five years after the massively popular MOBA launched. However, his age is apparently beginning to show, which is why Riot has tabbed him as the next champion to receive an update.

Vel’Koz is an artillery mage in League of Legends, meaning that he is designed to use their superior range to deal constant damage to the enemy team. As a result, Vel’Koz has been a popular pick in both the mid lane and the support roles due to his high damage and range. With the recent slew of changes to League of Legends‘ items during Season 11 and Season 12, Vel’Koz hasn’t quite found a home in the current game meta. Thanks to his status as a less popular champion, as well as Vel’Koz’s visual clarity issues, Riot has scheduled the Eye of the Void for a visual upgrade, which is currently on the League of Legends PBE.


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In a post to the League of Legends PBE subreddit, RiotSirhaian detailed all of the changes that would be coming to Vel’Koz in the PBE, which were meant to improve visual clarity on his abilities, including adjustments to his hitbox indicators. These changes are particularly important for Vel’Koz considering that his Plasma Fission ability will change direction, meaning it can be particularly difficult for players to aim and land. In the screenshots shared to Reddit, it appears that all of Vel’Koz’s abilities have a slightly wider hitbox, with more differentiation between his straight-line skillshots. Initial reception by players has been positive, and the changes have also been applied to all of Vel’Koz’s skins.

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League of Legends Vel'Koz VFX Update

Unlike a full visual and gameplay update, which completely retools a League of Legends champion’s entire kit, the visual update does not make such vast, sweeping changes to the character in question. Vel’Koz, the champion, will remain largely the same after this update and the only changes will be cosmetic. Even still, it’s a solid change to one of the game’s older champions. If all goes well, these visual updates will land on the live game during the next patch in a few weeks.

Ace League of Legends enters its second decade of existence, the most popular MOBA in the world shows no signs of slowing down. Keeping older characters up to date with the newest releases, as Riot is doing with Vel’Koz, is part of the reason for League of Legends‘s massive popularity.

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League of Legends is available on PC and Mac

Source: RiotSirhaian/Reddit

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