Wednesday, January 26

Leaked emails from Washington football team show how the NFL sausage is made

As I’ve often said, the NFL is full of drama, intrigue, and different strategies for success. And by the way, there are also games.

Games, as I often say, are just the showcase for the NFL’s business; And that’s where the real action happens in this league. I take you behind the curtain of that intrigue and drama, and sometimes the image that I paint is not the curated one that we see on television. It can be political, heartbreaking, and unseemly. “How the Sausage is Made” has been on full display in recent weeks, with an ongoing saga that appears to have 1) kept an important partner at work, 2) buried a head coach (now forever), 3) protected some at the expense of that coach (and potentially others), and 4) attracted (negative) attention from fans, the media, and now Congress.

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