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leaving the Camp Nou becomes a serious problem

FC Barcelona tries to put an end to the problem of hostile exits from the Camp Nou, suffered firsthand by Koeman on Sunday, and also experienced before in the Ciutat Esportiva

The tumultuous departure of the technicians and players of the Camp Nou after the classic has put the FC Barcelona. Vehicle images from Ronald Koeman surrounded by fans, some to look for the photo, many others to rebuke the coach, caused concern, to the point that a few minutes after the scene in question transcended through social networks, the club issued a quick message through the same networks of conviction.

It is now in the hands of the entity’s Security Department, which is headed by Ferran Lopez, former number 2 of the Mossos Since the arrival of Joan Laporta to the presidency, addressing a complex issue that involves, above all, Mossos and Guàrdia Urbana, since the shaking already took place in the street, outside the Camp Nou perimeter. Even so, the Barça, obviously, cannot be put of profile.

Koeman’s car was slapped, accompanied by insults and some spitting, which scared his wife Bartina, accompanying the coach at that time. That’s what angered Koeman, more than himself. A score of very young boys transmitted a tension that was not seen in the stadium. The public reacted with resignation to the defeat against Madrid. Outside it seemed something else.

The Tik Tok phenomenon

It wasn’t just Koeman’s SUV that was harassed. Several players were also surrounded by a jungle of young people who were looking for the photo in some cases, or in others, exposure to create their own Tik-Tok content, a new phenomenon already noticed by the club. It was the case, for example, of Alba, De Jong and Memphis.

Or the former player Carles Puyol, which this Monday explained his experience in the presentation of a charity tournament in the fight against childhood cancer. «The same thing happened to me as Koeman when he left the Camp Nou. I panic. I left a few minutes earlier and they also hit me in the car. That, Barcelona, ​​or security, or I don’t know whose competition it is, I should put order. These people do not represent the Catalans at all. I have seen about the boss on social networks and they threw me on top of the car. I was surprised, something could happen. As I was pulling little by little they threw themselves on me. I fully understand that Ronald and his wife will have a hard time, this must be avoided.

Looking for a reaction

From the club they explain that in the past they have already detected this phenomenon of boys who escape the traditional autograph hunt and who gamble not only at the Camp Nou exit, but also at the Ciutat Esportiva, where the team trains. Young people looking for a reaction to post on their social accounts, for example. In the case of Sunday it was aggravated by the early hour of the game. Two hours after its conclusion, dozens of boys who wanted to spot a motorized player were still waiting in a bottle attitude.

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It is a problem that has become serious, they warn from the club, whose security department tries to find a solution, which is difficult, together with the security forces. In this sense, it was the same department directed by Ferran López that changed the usual exit route for vehicles to avoid the funnel.

Usually the players emerge in their car down a ramp that leads to the north goal and that directs them towards the Diagonal by the Hotel Sofia; this time, before the crowd of fans at that exit, everyone was urged to take access 14, the main, wider, which leads to Aristides Maillol. It didn’t work, in view of the result, made worse by slow traffic that lasted at least two hours after the final whistle. The Estadi is old and the options, reduced, beyond guaranteeing a security cordon. All of this was discussed at the club. Urge a good exit.

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