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LeBron James joins the 100 triple-doubles club: team and season breakdown

On Thursday night, in the Lakers’ 108-95 loss to the Grizzlies, LeBron James reached a major career milestone.

Playing 37 minutes, the King filled in the stat sheet (four steals, two blocks) and posted the 100th triple-double of his career with 20 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

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In doing so, James joins the only four NBA players to have recorded at least 100 triple-doubles.

In his nineteenth NBA season, James has reached this milestone in the 1,324th game of his career in the regular season.

Here is how his triple-doubles have been distributed across the three NBA teams he has represented throughout his long career:

Breakdown of LeBron James’ triple-doubles by season

It’s no wonder James recorded the most triple-doubles in a season during the 2017-18 campaign. It was a season in the NBA after triple-doubles had become the trend for complete players and it remains the only season in which James played all 82 regular-season games.

Season Team Games Triple-Doubles
2003-04 Cleveland Knights 79 0
2004-05 Cleveland Knights 80 4
2005-06 Cleveland Knights 79 5
2006-07 Cleveland Knights 78 1
2007-08 Cleveland Knights 75 7
2008-09 Cleveland Knights 81 7
2009-10 Cleveland Knights 76 4
2010-11 Miami Heat 79 4
2011-12 Miami Heat 62 0
2012-13 Miami Heat 76 4
2013-14 Miami Heat 77 1
2014-15 Cleveland Knights 69 2
2015-16 Cleveland Knights 76 3
2016-17 Cleveland Knights 74 13
2017-18 Cleveland Knights 82 18
2018-19 Los angeles lakers 55 8
2019-20 Los angeles lakers 67 13
2020-21 Los angeles lakers Four. Five 5
2021-22 Los angeles lakers 14 1

As can be seen from the table, James has recorded the majority of his triple-doubles in the last half of his career. In fact, he has gone 58 out of 100 in the last six seasons from 2016-17.

LeBron James triple-doubles breakdown by franchise

Unsurprisingly, most of James’ triple-doubles while he has represented his home state franchise in the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team he has prepared for in 11 NBA seasons.

His 64 career triple-doubles with the Cavs are the highest in franchise history and nearly 40 more than the rest of the players combined.

Team Seasons Games Triple-doubles
Cleveland Knights 2003-10, 2014-18 849 64
Miami Heat 2010-14 294 9
Los angeles lakers 2018 – 181 27

Although, he only registered nine with the Heat, he is the franchise leader in most career triple-doubles. However, unlike the Cavaliers’ all-time rosters, he is under threat from Jimmy Butler, who has eight to his name as he dons the Heat jersey.

For the Lakers, it is highly unlikely that James will reach the top of the all-time charts given the 138 triple-doubles count from leader Magic Johnson. Having said that, his triple-double against the Grizzlies is number 27 while representing the Lakers is the second highest number in franchise history.

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