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Lecina’s millenary holm oak, European Tree of the year

The millenary holm oak of Huesca, European Tree of the year

The millenary holm oak of Huesca, European Tree of the year

The Lecina millennial holm oak (Huesca) has won this Wednesday with the title of European Tree of the Year after breaking all the voting records in the history of the contest.

The candidacy of the holm oak, which has become the first Spanish tree to win the competition, has accumulated in these months a total of 104,264 votes, well above of the Curinga Banana (Italy), which came in second place with 78,210 votes, and the ancient sycamore tree (Russia), third place with 66,026 votes.

The award was announced this Thursday in a virtual ceremony by the Association for Environmental Collaboration, organizer of the contest for 11 years, who was pleased that this year more than double the support had been received than in the previous edition.

“We have all the national contest organizers to thank for their incredible campaigns that have attracted such enormous attention,” said the association.

The holm oak was already recognized as Tree of the year in Spain 2021, what allowed him to attend this Tree “eurovision” in which 14 candidates from different European countries have competed.

The local authorities and neighbors of the region have turned over these months so that the candidacy of the holm oak crossed the borders of Aragon, with an extensive screening campaign in media and social networks.

“For us it represents the union of the tree with the land like that of the neighbors with the rural environment, with the desire to resist, and we believe that it is something common in all rural areas of Spain“a campaign organizer explained to Efe.

Now this long-lived tree, symbol of the little Huesca town from Lecina, adds a new milestone to its history.

The Royal House celebrates the triumph of La Carrasca

After the appointment, the congratulations of different institutional representatives have been followed and even the Royal House has decided to do so on Twitter, a social network in which the effort of the inhabitants of Lecina to achieve this international recognition has been highlighted.

Also the president of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has celebrated the title, a collective triumph that will mean “a before and after” for the town of Huesca, of barely thirteen inhabitants, and that represents “what is Aragon”.

After making it public that the holm oak has become the first Spanish tree to win the competition, the President of Aragon has congratulated the residents of Lecina, the Bárcabo City Council, the Sobrarbe region and all the Aragonese for this success collective.

Lambán, in a statement provided by the Government of Aragon, highlighted that the millenary holm oak from Lecina was named Singular Tree of Aragon and then Tree of the year Spain and now he has achieved this victory by popular vote.

“Today we can be proud”, has remarked the President of Aragon, who has been convinced that victory will mean the birth of new opportunities in Lecina and throughout the Sobrarbe area associated with sustainable development and natural tourism.

For Lambán, the triumph of the Carrasca de Lecina is that of the natural wealth Aragon and its protected areas, from the commitment to sustainable future and for the future.

“La Carrasca de Lecina represents what Aragon is”, he stressed.

From the Twitter account of Government of Aragon They have also shown their enthusiasm after knowing the result of the contest.

Congratulations have rained on social networks after the news, including that of the Real Zaragoza, who have also wanted to show their joy.

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