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«Left or right? I think it shows. I am very social »



We have seen it almost every day on TV for a year, but for obvious reasons it has not been lavished much on the programs. He went on vacation and adventure with Calleja a few months ago, when the government considered the virus defeated. And now you have opened the doors of your workplace to Jordi Évole.

The vaccination rate

He has not yet been vaccinated, and he is not “clear” when it will be his turn. In the case of the rest of the population, or a large part, they do know: “It is very easy that in the month of April the increase in the vaccinated population is enormous,” he predicted, and then added that in the summer they will have received the injection 70% of the population.

Her disheveled image

«If I have to communicate, I will communicate being Fernando Simon. You don’t have the usual image of a program presenter either, “he answered when the presenter spoke to him about his image. «When I was 15 or 16 years old, my hair curled. It seemed that I had done it permanently. From there it was very difficult to comb my hair. I get bored in hair salons, so I try to go little, “he explained.

Some diagnosed case …

On January 31, 2020, Simon He pronounced one of his most memorable phrases: “Spain is not going to have, at best, beyond a diagnosed case.” «It is when the only case of that moment was diagnosed. Even in China there was no community transmission. It could have been more prudent, that is very clear. The situation changed radically when we learned that there was uncontrolled community transmission in Italy, “he apologized.

In Spain, a year ago today decisions were made that “two or three days before were unthinkable.” He then elaborated a bit more on this matter: “Between March 9 and 10 we realized that we had to act differently.” That is, only 24 hours after the much criticized demonstrations of the 8-M and hundreds of massive events that were held that weekend.

He used the numbers to defend his decisions: «In Spain, until March 9, we had a cumulative incidence at 14 days of around 0.5 or 0.6 per 100,000 inhabitants. Yesterday we had 153. So it was 0.5. It was the information we had. We had a daily notification of between 30 and 40 cases “, it was extended.

“Maybe a good control was not done,” raised the presenter. “We had the example of Italy,” he recalled. “Italy went from notifying three cases on February 20 to 263 on the 24th. The next day, twice,” he defended Simon.

The pirate market

Évole gave him some statements from the time of the Ebola crisis in which Simon it warned of the need to stock up on adequate equipment for a hypothetical future pandemic. How has the next health crisis caught us short of supplies? He intoned the “mea culpa”: “I did not insist where it was necessary to insist.” “It is something that we have to consider very seriously. Spain must have the capacity to activate a minimum own production in case of need for some products ”.

How did you feel when you saw health personnel with garbage bags? “We knew they were going to run out … Ministry staff were searching under the stones. The market became a hack. ‘

The doctor, wearing a mask, at the beginning of the interview
The doctor, with a mask, at the beginning of the interview – The sixth

Around with the masks

“It is not the key to controlling transmission,” he noted about the masks.

The presenter asked him if when the Government first reported that the masks were not necessary, it was done because in Spain there were none, partly because the Chinese had previously bought them (which was not said). “Because there was not [mascarillas] and because it is not true that it is necessary for everyone to wear it, “he said.

Évole: But now we are all wearing a mask!

Simon: Good, because we don’t know who is sick. But the important thing is that those who are sick take it, and then some people who expose themselves to high-risk situations. But the important thing is that someone who is sick takes it, and therefore, that anyone take it just in case.

Pedro Sánchez and the euphoria

Pedro Sanchez declared the virus defeated in the summer, at a rally at the Basque Country. Évole He asked her about those statements: “They are very euphoric. At rallies those who speak end up being more euphoric than usual. “We should have all been more cautious, including the government.”

«The risk of collapse of ICUs is now greater» than in Christmas, so he hopes that no one will be tempted to want to save the Easter week.

No to politics

Évole: I do not know if they have proposed to go on an electoral list.

Simon: To me? But if you put my statements yourself and … If I’m a loudmouth … How am I going to get on an electoral list? I am not a politician nor will I be. I don’t think it will ever be. Well, suddenly someone tempts me with something interesting … But no … You have to have a much greater resilience than I have.

He assumes that his figure generates polarization, but he believes that it is an issue that has more to do with the media than with the street. «It is a discourse that is not that of the population. They use it in political confrontation. “Hundreds of people have stopped me on the street since the start of the pandemic. There are only two who have said something unpleasant to me. One made an ironic reproach (“with what one or two? No?”) And another insulted him.

Partying with Illa

Asked him Évole with whom he would isolate himself in a bubble group. “With Alfonso Alonso. He liked to tell jokes, “he replied.

To go to a sitting concert I would choose «a Salvador Illa or maybe with Ana Mato». If it were to stand, ‘perhaps with Salvador Illa». “We have reached a level of understanding that has allowed us to work very well together,” he justified.

Simon charges 5,452 euros plus bonuses, as has been published
Simón charges 5,452 euros plus bonuses, as has been published – The sixth

His salary: “I don’t need to get rich”

Financially, has it compensated you? “It is not good that civil servants reach this level of obsession,” he replied when asked if his salary was 5.452 euros more bonuses. In a long explanation, he went on to say that if the magnifying glass is put so much on public servants when another similar situation arises in the future, they may renounce the first line. “I don’t need to get rich,” he remarked.

He recalled that for “six or seven months,” he and many public health officials worked “15 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week.” It is, he recalled, the equivalent in hours “to two to three years of work.” Now the pace has dropped somewhat, but it is well above what is going in the salary. «We work between 12 and 14 hours. Not seven thirty as you have to work in this Ministry.

It is, logically, Exhausted. «I am burned from the physical point of view. But it is a matter of accepting your responsibility and knowing how far you can go. On these occasions it is not worth getting off the boat, “he said.

Your political preferences

“Left or right?” He asked. Évole.

“I have to say it? I think it shows. I am very social. We have to worry about people in need. Those who have their needs covered have them covered; they worry me little. I think we have to avoid thinking that we are two different groups. I believe that we are a population and I do not understand when I see positions in which it seems as if the most disadvantaged groups are of another species. It seems unprecedented to me that the population can be valued by its economic level. And even more knowing that the socioeconomic level of the families has a lot to do with the future of the children. We have to break the vicious circle.

The future: no to ‘Survivors’

Fame is addictive to others. For me, no, “he replied when the presenter asked him if it will cost him a return to a normal life.

He is a lover of sports and adventure, which led him to be asked if he saw himself in ‘Survivors’. «To reality, no. No way”. But he did not rule out repeating an experience like the one he had with Calleja, that is, if someone offers to do “an activity” that is to your liking.

In memory, 70,000 dead

Have the figures taken you away from the real drama? Évole, which put on the table an amount: 70,000 dead.

«There have been 70,000 deaths. He has been deceased 70,000 times. We have lived each of them. And we have all suffered each one of them. You cannot consider yourself satisfied with your work when you have 200, 300, 900 deaths in one day from an infectious disease that we had to prevent from being transmitted. Our job is to prevent people from dying. And each deceased counts.

Évole: How would you like to be remembered?

Simon: I would not like to be reminded of me. Let them remember that on television they have talked about public health, about the challenges we have in public health in Spain, they have talked about our population living healthy.

Évole: And about you as a person?

Simon: Let them forget about me. I have no special interest in people remembering me.

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