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Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approves decree that prohibits concentrations of people to days of massive protest against Nayib Bukele

Protesters in El Salvador called President Nayib Bukele a “dictator.”


Less than a week after dozens of Salvadorans took to the streets to protest against the Administration of President Nayib Bukele, the Legislative Assembly approved a temporary decree that prohibits gatherings of people at public events the private ones.

The order that was passed on Wednesday excludes cultural, artistic and sports activities.

The Associated Press agency report indicates that the measure was approved in the Assembly in the face of the increase in coronavirus cases.

Those who violate the provision could be punished under the crime of disobedience which carries a penalty of one to three years in prison.

In view of the moment in which the legislators approved the rule, opposition politicians and members of civil society repudiated the decision, arguing that it seeks to silence citizen freedom of expression.

In the opinion of the executive director of the NGO Acción Ciudadana, Eduardo Escobar, the decree criminalizes social protest.

Deputy Johnny Wright Sol, of the Nuestro Tiempo party, for his part, stated during the legislative debate that the regulations prove that for the Government there is favorite crowds and other awkward crowds.

“What it appears to be is a disguised decree to prevent the increase of COVID for only one type of concentration,” said Wright Sol.

The vice president of Congress, of the ruling party New Ideas, Suecy Callejas, rejected that the end of the provision is silence Bukele’s naysayers.

“To promote the morbid they say that we do not want them to continue concentrating and to continue making marches. It is not that, you can continue making the marches you want, but we ask you to comply with the biosecurity measures, ”Callejas said, as quoted by AP.

“Comply with sanitary measures, do not bring high-risk people so that after 15 days we do not have an increase in cases,” he added.

The transitory decree, which will enter into force once it is published in the Official Gazette, suspends all concentration of people until December 8 in public or private events that involve massive concentrations.

The measure indicates that action will be taken in demonstrations where the vaccination protocol is not corroborated and the biosafety protocols established by the Ministry of Health are not respected.

Under the decree, that entity will be in charge of issuing the rules for the realization of this type of events, including the attendance limits as well as the requirements that attendees and organizers must present.

This Sunday, Salvadorans opposed to the Bukele government took to the streets to demand that bitcoin be discarded as a national currency. The participants, who burned a figure of the president in the heart of San Salvador, also thundered against the measures that impose the retirement of judges older than 60 years or with 30 years of service.

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