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leisure demands agility in the processing of the 8 euros in aid approved by the Consell

Protest of the leisure and hospitality sector, yesterday in Alicante

Protest of the leisure and hospitality sector, yesterday in Alicante
Rafa Arjones

The Leisure Business Coordinator and Hostelry of the Valencian Community value positively that the Consell “has finally given the green light” to the specific aid plan for leisure night, endowed with 8 million euros, in a rescue of 7,500 euros for pubs and 28,500 euros per nightclub. However, they claim that, after 3 months of delay since it was announced, its implementation is as fast as possible and can reach all the SMEs in the sector as soon as possible. In this regard, they recall that, “unfortunately, these they come late for him 40% of cocktail bars, concert halls and nightclubs (about 700), which have had to permanently close their doors“(275 of them in the province). In addition, they consider that the census is outdated and that there are more entertainment venues in the province and the Community, above what the Consell manages.

Also, from the Coordinator They ask the Consell to activate a second phase of the direct economic aid plan in parallel to the de-escalation plan and reopening of the premises, since the approved aid tranche covers only part of the losses accumulated by each local in 2020, encrypted at 100,000 euros. The leisure sector recalls that the aid fund of 8 million euros is part of the commitment that the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, acquired on November 26 in the Valencian Parliament, At the request of the Night Leisure Camping Assembly to obtain a firm commitment from the Council to do justice to the thousands of leisure and entertainment SMEs that kept their doors closed, decree after decree.

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From the Coordinator they insist that these aid They will only make sense if the sector can be launched next March 1, with all the necessary sanitary guarantees, but with conditions that allow working both on terraces and in the interiors of leisure facilities, under the umbrella of the inn, as allowed in December. “It is time to bet on another model, in which the inn and leisure are not a rival, but a work tool to combat bottles and illegal parties which is where contagions occur in an uncontrolled way ”.

At the same time, upon approval of the aid plan, the Coordinator claims to the Consell that the Leisure Table address the implementation of projects aimed at raising funds from the European Union Next Generation recovery plan, which for the first time should contribute to the recovery and resistance of nightlife and entertainment.

Along the same lines, he assures that the necessary validation of technological and sanitary advances that must guarantee the safety of closed spaces, by conducting health tests and trials in leisure venues that have the endorsement of the Regional Minister of Health. “Essential measures and actions if we want to define a de-escalation schedule that makes the recovery of the sector viable and that allows it to recover its activity to 100% upon exiting the third wave ”, they emphasize.

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