Wednesday, December 8

Leisure demands that the dance floors open and be able to close at 5

Archive image of a leisure area in Alicante

Archive image of a leisure area in Alicante

The Leisure and Hospitality Business Coordinator of the Valencian Community (CEOH) asks to extend the opening hours of pubs and discos at least to 05.00 hours, being able to stand with a mask in the premises, the capacity to 75%, dance floor limited to 50% and closing of the catering establishments at 01.30 hours as of next September 27, the day on which the current restrictions in force expire

The sector also demands announcement Urgent of a new meeting of work between the employers of the sector and the Department of Health “to continue advancing in the de-escalation of the activity of the leisure and the spectacles and to define the next measures”.

In addition, they point out that, taking into account the “critical situation “ faced, especially, by the leisure sector, after 550 days without activity, “it is absolutely necessary to plan a roadmap”. In fact, they point out that SMEs “cannot advance blindly in this de-escalation, because after 18 months of closure and severe restrictions, leisure venues are risking their future and their survival in the coming weeks.”

They claim that they need to plan and design their programming, your marketing campaigns, your financial capacity and the recovery of your staff. But, all this, they underline, “cannot be done overnight, having to improvise this work, which involves assuming additional economic costs due to last minute announcements by the Consell on the conditions of its activity”. In this regard, they recall that the announcement of the current measures was made the same day that those in force expired.

At the same time, they insist that it is about measures “absolutely viable “, taking into account current health data. In fact, they assert that not moving in this direction “would be unfair and disproportionate”, taking into account that the Valencian Community “has one of the best vaccination data worldwide”, when 90% of those over 12 have already at the first dose of the vaccine and 75.96% have the complete regimen. This, they argue from the CEOH, “allows that, beyond the permanent alarmist messages, the evolution of the disease and its indicators are positive, with an accumulated incidence in free fall that is already at medium-low risk, with an incidence accumulated 70.6, the second best in Spain, only behind Asturias, and with the decline in hospital occupancy and ICUs “.

Moreover, they point out that it would be paradoxical that, “taking into account that throughout that period nightlife venues have been prohibited and with the activity suspended, now continue to punish regulated leisure establishments, demanding prudence and applying disproportionate restrictions that are only intended to serve as a curtain of smoke in the face of the inability of the administration to manage the final phase of the health crisis and to tackle the problem of youth leisure “.

On the other hand, the sector requires a review of the Resistir Plus Economic Aid Plan, after the news this week from the central government that they will allow the criteria and requirements established for the granting of these grants to be reviewed and to be able to extend their terms beyond December 31st.

Likewise, and “bearing in mind that the aid received by the SMEs of the sector most affected by the health crisis, they barely cover 5% of the accumulated losses in these 18 months, and now, in addition, they do not even cover the expenses of the extra cost of the electricity bill during the last months, which the price of electricity triples with respect to the data of 2019 and 2020 “, the CEOH reiterates its claim for a specific aid plan for nightlife of 50 million euros. To do this, it also demands a specific meeting with the competent ministries.

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