Monday, September 25

Lenovo Legion 7 and Slim 7, new laptops perfect for any gamer

The latest Legion laptops for gaming enthusiasts have been unveiled today. We tell you everything we know about the new Lenovo Legion 7 and Slim 7, below.

Lenovo today announced new 16-inch additions to its range of gaming laptops, the Legion 7 Slim (and the 7i Slim, denoting an Intel CPU), as well as the revamped Legion 7 (and the Legion 7i).

We find two beasts, which in terms of style, stick to what we have been seeing in recent years at Lenovo. However, things change when we take a look at its interiors.

Let’s start with the Legion 7, which has big improvements over the 2022 Legion 5 Pro. It has a 1080p webcam instead of a 720p one, and it has a larger 99.99Wh battery.

It is available in Intel/NVIDIA configurations (starting at $2,449) or fully AMD (starting at $2,059), and Lenovo supports up to a 12th Gen Intel i9 chip and RTX 3080 Ti or Ryzen 9 6900HX and Radeon RX 6850M XT.

As for its screen, with 14.1 x 10.4 x 0.76 inches and 2.5Kg, it seems that it is not the easiest version to transport, but it is certainly an equally portable beast. The panel is 16 inches and 2,560 x 1,600 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:10, a response time of 3 milliseconds and a refresh rate that reaches 240Hz.

In a way, the thickness makes up for the wide range of ports this laptop offers: two Thunderbolt 4 ports, USB Type-C connection, a webcam shutter switch, a headphone jack, two USB Type-A ports and one Type-C, one HDMI 2.1 connection, one RJ45 Ethernet port, and the power outlet.

Let’s continue with the Slim version. As mentioned, all of these laptops are 16-inches, and as the name Slim suggests, they’re pretty slim for the world of gaming laptops.

The chassis measures 0.67 x 14.1 x 10 inches and little more than 2Kg, so we definitely find ourselves with a portable wonder.

Style-wise, it’s pretty similar to previous Legion builds. An all-gray body, a pretty cool keyboard, and a back for thermals and ports. If we focus on the screen, we find a 16:10 panel with a resolution of 2,560×1,600 pixels and a refresh rate of 165 Hz, perfect for video games.

The AMD-based Slim 7 can be equipped with a Ryzen 5 6600H, Ryzen 7 6800H, or Ryzen 9 6900H processor. As for the GPU, it’s also all AMD, offering either a Radeon RX 6600S or a Radeon RX 6800S.

Lenovo cools the laptop with its Coldfront 4.0 system and software that balances GPU and CPU power as needed.

versions Intel/NVIDIA Legion 7 and Legion 7 Slim will go on sale first later this month, and AMD Advantage models will arrive a little later, in June.

Regardless of what kind of gamer you are, Lenovo wants to give you a few more options among 16-inch gaming laptops and it looks like the Slim version takes the gold.

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