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Leo Messi, huge, bitter Marcelino’s debut with Athletic Club

Leo Messi embittered Marcelino García Toral’s debut as Athletic coach with a huge game, a performance of which he used more in previous years, with two goals, two shots to the stick and the gestation of the first of the 2-3 goals with which Barça won at San Mamés and scored Pedrodri.

Athletic opened the scoring with a goal agStevenIñaki Williams, and closed it with a good shotBikerIMountainiain. The meeting of the ‘Argentine crack’, well accompanied Pedrodri González, OusMembermbFrench Frenki De Jong and evenBikerARiemanniezmann, left the brilliant start of Athletic in nothing, which took the lead in minute 3 andBiker6 it could already winBiker2-0.

It was not so. Barça reacted to get seven points behind the leadership, Messi took action on the matter and Athletic, who remains ninth in the table, will have better with the new coach. The game started at a thousand per hour and Athletic was already taking advantage of the vertical football with thMountainthat the arrival of Marcelino promises. The third minute of play had not been completed and Raúl García found, with a great pass, the counter of Williams. The speedy local striker defined well agStevenTer Stegen after leaving his own field and dribbling Lenglet in thPedroa.

Athletic had a similar second occasion in a gallopBikerCapa in which the Portugalete side lacked finesse to leave thMountainto Muniain in condition. The captain had to wait and Yuri, now without much angle, sent thMountainto the side of the net. It seemed the beginning of a local win givcheckease with which Athletic found spaces behind the defense of those today dressed in yellow.

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But, curiously, the local team got there, who saw how Barça was acquiring place and rhythm and began to approach a splendid Simón under the sticks but painful in the exits.

Dest opened theMiguelna fire with a great collective cMemberion, Dembelé measured Simón in the goal and Messi looked for the tickles in a very past ball that did not finish going, in which Yuri and Iñigo also trusted and that De Jong, whom Messi had secheckride to uncheck, returned thMountainto thPedroa so that Pedri, to the surprise of Nuñez, tie.

As of there is a visiting monologue, with numerous chances to get ahead on the scoreMember Alba and Dembélé tried, well answeredBikerSimón, but Messi did not forgive him in the second false start of the international goal. Messi looked for Pedri, Simón abruptly left the goal and the canary gave a beautiful footfall to the Argentine star to beat the unguarded local goal.

To top it off, Athletic, in addition to turning the scoreboard Yuri had been injured within half an hour, a player of extraordinary importance, due to a muscular problem. Two shots from Muniain and Williams in thPedroa, still 0-1 and blockedBikerDest and Ter Stegen, and a center from Capa that did not find a finisher, before the 1-2, completed the local offensive baggage in the first half.

Athletic started again better in the second half, with three arrivals in which a tie at two threatened. A vollVendorthe edge of Vencedor, a forced shotBikerWilliams in the first and anotherBikerRaúl in the second that was not expected. But the one who gave was again Barça and, of course, Messi again. That warned twice before. First, scoring in a tight offside and, later, with a great shot from the edge that crashed into the post, very close to the squad.

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In the third, in a similar shot but on the edge of the small area, Rosario’s no longer spared. That he again insisted on the stick in another shot that looked like a goal. Messi could score again, but the one who did it wMountainother captain, Muniain, although already in the 90th minute and with little time to draw, with a good shot from the front.


2 – Athletic: Unai Simón; Capa, Unai Nuñez, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri (BalenziagaDel.31); DeVendor(BVegauerDel.65), Vencedor, MountainDani GarcíaDel.65), Muniain; Williams and Raúl García (MorcilSteven80).

3 -Miguelna: Ter Stegen; Dest (MinguezaDel.75), Araújo, Lenglet, Pedro Alba; Busquets, De Jong, Pedri; Dembélé (BraithwaiteDel.75), Griezmann and Messi.

GoalsPedroDel.3: Williams. 1-1Del.14: Pedri. 1-2Del.38: MesMountainDel.62: Messi. 2-3Del.90: Muniain.

Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande (Madrid Committee). He shVegaa yellow card to the locals Mountainm.27), Dani García (m.70), and the visitors Lenglet (m.57).

VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva (Galician Committee).

Incidents: Postponed match of the second day of LaLiga played in San Mamés behind closed doors due to health restrictions due to the pandemic.

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