Tuesday, November 30

Leo Messi, the best in history, on the floor

  • After scoring his first goal with PSG in one of his favorite plays, with a wall with Mbappé and a shot at the squad, the Argentine ace played the ‘crocodile’ in a Mahrez foul

  • Messi, in the 94th minute, lay down on the grass behind the barrier formed by his teammates to avoid the low goal in a free kick launched by the French Algerian Riyad Mahrez

Sure it attracted attention. He attracted the attention of millions and millions of fans, of television viewers from all over the world, who for years, well, they had never seen him, who did not witness a gesture of help, complicity, sacrifice, collaboration, of a private soldier of the top star of a sport like soccer.

It can, of course, lend itself to all kinds of interpretations, as we have already seen if, in the Barça, Gerard Piqué OR Sergio Busquets, they would have asked the very Leo Messi, the best footballer in history, that it was he, precisely, who lay down on the grass, in the position that many call the ‘crocodile barrier’ to avoid what he often tries, to shoot low when the barrier jumps to avoid the throw to the squad and surprise the players on the wall and, of course, also the goalkeeper.

The ‘crocodile man’

It was minute 94 and PSG He had already taken the lead and decided the game with the maximum attention of this day of Champions, precisely, with the first goal, sorry, Messi’s goal, with a shot to the squad, almost from outside the area, behind the wall, beautiful, high heel with Kylian Mbappé. “I don’t usually shout the goals, but I did shout Leo’s, yes, I thought it was precious and very important for us,” he commented. Mauricio Pochettino, Argentine coach of the millionaire French team.

Well, that was minute 94 and the Algerian franc Riyad mahrez He threw a foul from outside the area, a little corner but very dangerous. Among the PSG players they built a numerous, sturdy and tight barrier and nobody knows who, as they say one day, suggested to Messi that he be the one to lie down on the grass. Or who knows, maybe it was ‘The flea’ who, in his new role of assistant, assistant, one more (his game, despite the great goal, was nothing to write home about, what’s more, he could even have played without being fully recovered from his right knee injury, the bad ), decided to be the ‘crocodile man’.

It is evident that the world of football is praising and highlighting this gesture of the best player on the planet, since it is not usually, not the divos, the myths, the icons of a team, who accept this secondary role but, without a doubt, effective and already necessary against the best free kick takers in the world. And Mahrez is. Interestingly, Mbappé did the same a few minutes later in another launch.

Messi, happy

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I really wanted to play, because lately I have not had continuity, I have not played much. I’m getting used to the team and the teammates little by little. I know that today has been a very important moment. Now we have to continue and there are still many games this season, ”Messi said in another strange gesture in him, going to the TV set as soon as the match ended, that is very rare for the Argentine star.

Messi also wanted to intervene, as did his other two teammates by posting a photo of the friend trio on their social networks and putting an end to the controversy that, they say, exists between Mbappé and Neymar, where the French criticizes the Brazilian because he does not pass the ball to him. in the last meters. “The more we play Neymar, Mbappé and I, the better it will be”Messi pointed out, undoubtedly also as a warning to Pochettino that he doesn’t like to be changed.


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