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Leonor Celdrán will proclaim Holy Week in Badajoz on April 2

Leonor Celdrán with the mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gragera. / CASIMIRO MORENO

The former mayor’s daughter is a “very loved” brother in the city


Leonor Celdrán Fernández will be in charge of the proclamation of Holy Week in Badajoz in 2022. The brother will deliver the proclamation that will take place on April 2 at the López de Ayala Theater. The daughter of former mayor Miguel Celdrán, known as ‘Chiqui’, is part of the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial of Badajoz.

The mayor of the city, Ignacio Gragera; the Councilor for Culture, Paloma Morcillo, and the president of the Association of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Badajoz, Cayetano Barriga, presented this year’s Holy Week herald this Tuesday, accompanied by Leonor Celdrán, who thanked the aforementioned group the “faith” they have had in it.

She has also recognized that she did not expect it, that for her it was a “surprise” and she thought about saying no, but that they “were convincing her” among family or friends, while at the same time emphasizing that she will try do it “as best as possible” and “above all defending the Christian roots of the city of Badajoz, which is the most important thing we have.”

At this point, he has advanced that this Tuesday he is carrying the cross with which his father made the proclamation, which is blessed by the Pope and was brought by Antonio Muñoz Aldana to Miguel Celdrán as a gift for him to make the proclamation, as well as that he His sisters and his mother have given it and “of course” he is going to take it with him on April 2. “For me it was very important to take a piece of my father,” he acknowledged.

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“Dearly loved by all”

Paloma Morcillo has highlighted from the town crier that she is a person “much loved by everyone in the city”, someone with “that reference not only of Christian, Catholic values” and “very much from the city of Badajoz”, while Cayetano Barriga has explained that the official proclamation of Holy Week 2022 “is the door that opens” this celebration in the city.

Likewise, it has indicated that, when in September of last year the plenary session of the Association of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods met at the beginning of the course to discuss, among other issues, the decision to choose the person who is going to proclaim Holy Week, “there is a a name that is put on the table and that practically arouses the unanimity of all the members of the group».

“Why? Because it meets all the conditions that in the group we understand that the person who proclaims our Holy Week must meet or have, he is a church person, he is a member of the brotherhood and he is a person who knows, lives and feels our Holy Week”, He has highlighted, to detail Leonor Celdrán who has a degree in Geography and History in the specialty of History of ancient and medieval art; she and a technician in Heritage, Art History and Restoration from the University of Extremadura, in addition to having a master’s degree in museum management and direction.

Disseminator of local history

Barriga has also highlighted that Leonor Celdrán has collaborated with the Cathedral as a guide and also with the temple itself and with the Museum of Fine Arts and that, “fundamentally”, she is a “fervent” disseminator of local history and local heritage of the city, and “very socially committed” and with solidarity causes, on which he added that the last work he has undertaken is to collect food and clothing for Ukrainian refugees as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Brotherhood of the Holy Burial

He is also a brother, he participates “fundamentally” in the Brotherhood of Our Lord Jesus Christ Yacente and Our Lady of Tears where, in addition to collaborating with the study of heritage, he is investigating the past of that brotherhood and that of the people who throughout Centuries have passed through the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial of Badajoz, to which he has pointed out that the elder sister of that brotherhood, Carmen María Gutiérrez, will present the town crier, and that the Municipal Music Band will also perform.

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