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Leroy Merlin ceiling fans: these are the best sellers and best rated

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With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, a ceiling fan is a good way to stay cool and consume little energy.

It has been over 30ºC during the last part of spring, at the gates of a summer that is expected to set new records, and the prices of fans and air conditioners have skyrocketed.

One way to stay cool at home and without the need to carry out any type of work is to install a ceiling fan. They are cheap, easy to install and also consume little energy.

Leroy Merlin is one of the most important stores in Spain for DIY products and appliances such as these ceiling fans. They also ship to all of Spain or you can choose to buy online and pick up at one of their shopping centers.

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ceiling fans can be used both in summer to push cooler air throughout the room, as in winter changing the direction of its rotation to move and distribute the hot air that remains in the upper part.

They are cheap, consume little energy and are also much quieter than standing fans.

You can choose models with or without light, with or without remote control, there are even models connected to the internet to control it with your mobile.

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We have chosen the best ceiling fans you can buy at Leroy Merlin and that they have the best scores to make this summer more bearable.

  1. DC INSPIRE Aruba Plus
  2. D.C. Tibet
  3. DC Zarautz
  4. D.C. Rian
  5. DC Nere

Best value for money: DC INSPIRE Aruba Plus

Sulion DC INSPIRE Aruba Plus

DC INSPIRE Aruba Plus It is one of the Leroy Merlin fans with a better value for money. Right now it is available on its website for only 129 euros and has free shipping when you buy it online.

It has a diameter of 112 cm and 33 cm in height. The entire fan is bright white with white plastic blades. It is suitable for places between 13 and 20 m² and has a summer and winter function.

It has LED light with various shades and brightness levels that you can control with its remote control.

With compact design: DC Tibet

Sulion D.C. Tibet

the ceiling fan Sulion D.C. Tibet It is a quite different model from what we usually find for products of this type. It is because it has 6 blades, but hidden in a design that features a powerful LED light.

It has a reverse function for summer and winter, you can regulate the light tone, it has an energy-saving motor capable of expelling a medium flow with 6 speeds.

Its diameter is 53 cm and the height is only 18.5 cm. It has remote control.

You will find it in Leroy Merlin for 209 euros.

Industrial design: DC Zarautz

Sulion DC Zarautz

A perfect ceiling fan model for large spaces such as living rooms or living rooms is this fan Sulion DC Zarautz by Leroy Merlin.

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It measures 122 cm in diameter and 32 to 45 cm in height. It has an LED light that you can adjust from its remote control. It has 6 speeds and expels a very high flow of air. Perfect for places between 13 to 20 m². It also has winter mode.

It comes in black and has an industrial design with a good finish. The price is 179 euros with free online shipping.

Small for rooms: DC Rian

Sulion D.C. Rian

If you are looking for a perfect ceiling fan to install in a small or intermediate room, this fan Sulion D.C. Rian It is a model that comes in handy for its dimensions.

It has a diameter of 76 centimeters and 28 cm in height. It has 6 blades capable of moving a large air flow of 9000 m³/h.

Its price is 159 euros and it has free shipping when buying it online.

Perfect for living rooms: DC Nere

Sulion DC Nere

If you want a ceiling fan with a modern design and at the same time that can go unnoticed, this model Sulion DC Nere It has very good design and opinions.

It has a diameter of 132 cm, 5 speeds, a DC motor capable of moving a very high airflow and is also very quiet. The blades are made of natural wood and the base is white.

It is available at Leroy Merlin for 199 euros.

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