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Leroy Merlin Kitchens | Five beautiful and practical accessories for your kitchen

Leroy Merlin Kitchens |  With some accessories you can give a renewed look to your kitchen

Leroy Merlin Kitchens | With some accessories you can give a renewed look to your kitchen

If you are tired of seeing your kitchen room “As always” you can give it a new look by renewing some elements that you have in it. You do not have to go crazy changing cabinets, the floor or painting the walls (because there are also much simpler and cheaper ways to do it without spending a lot of money) since you can choose to renew the accessories.

On Leroy Merlin We have found four products for your kitchen that can make you live a second life. In addition, all of them are very practical so you will also get a lot out of them.

Cheap kitchen accessories at Leroy Merlin

a sugar Bowl. But it is not just any sugar bowl, since it is made of ceramic and designed in various colors and in the shape of a tile. It brings a wooden lid and a spoon but the “grace” is that it belongs to the Versa ceramic line, which has more accessories. All of them have the same pattern and combined in your kitchen they give it a very elegant touch. The sugar bowl is priced at 10,99 euros. If you want to complete the line you have a utensil holder, salt shaker, soap dispenser and a worktop saver.

Leroy Merlin Kitchens | A practical ceramic sugar and salt shaker is essential for your kitchen LEROY MERLIN

Do you always have the bread in a bag? A nice and practical option is a panera. In Leroy Merlin they have this Nordic style in gray and white and with a bamboo top that also has a steel line that has more accessories. Its measurements are 33x12x18 cm and it costs 22,99 euros.

Leroy Merlin Kitchens | A practical metal bread basket LEROY MERLIN

The fruit platter it can not be missing in your kitchen either. This has become very popular on the internet because it is a very practical and beautiful metal basket. It has a capacity of 4.5 liters and is made of steel. We tell you that it can be a fruit bowl but it can also be used to store vegetables or anything you can think of. Costs 10,99 euros.

Leroy Merlin Kitchens | A fruit bowl is always the best option to preserve fruit LEROY MERLIN

a soap dispenser It is one of the most practical accessories for a kitchen, and this is the most complete. In white and gray, it has to add the detergent (350 ml), a nylon dishwasher brush, a scouring pad (with three layers: textile, sponge and mesh) and a comfortable spatula to remove the remains of food from the dishes. The sink set has a removable tray for proper cleaning and can also be anchored to the wall. It has a price of 13,79 euros.

Leroy Merlin Kitchens | A soap dispenser set, with scourer, spatula and brush LEROY MERLIN

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