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Less bureaucracy and more “adhocracy”

Less bureaucracy and more

People work best without excessive supervision.

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The word adhocracia It is a term invented to denote the opposite of bureaucracy in business management. I’m not saying that you have to choose one model and abandon the other, because both have positive aspects, but right now we need more systems to this (for this), what does it mean adhocracia.

The Spanish dictionary say what bureaucracy comes from french bureau, ‘office’, and from the Greek suffix short which means’ control ‘,’ government, ‘domain’. It refers to the rules created to establish order in the management of an organization. On the contrary, the word adhocracia it is not listed in the DLE.

Bureaucracy has its advantages, especially in large companies, because it allows everyone to know exactly what their job is, on whom it depends, to whom it must report … But, on the other hand, it has adverse effects that, in such a changing world and agitated like the one that we have to live, can weigh down the necessary agility to adapt to the instability of the markets.

A company with excessive bureaucracy can become inefficient due to excessive specialization of employees, slowness in approving new measures, rigid regulations, waste of time in formalities … In short, the misunderstood bureaucracy leads to demotivation of workers and, consequently, to low productivity.

In my opinion, companies should keep the bureaucracy strictly necessary and only in some departments. For everything else, the operation adhocrático It must be the usual philosophy. How to do it?

Do not demand the strict compliance with bureaucratic processes, because then workers will focus only on protocols and not on results. Each company is different, but, as far as possible, depending on each case, we must be open to new procedures that meet the objectives faster and more efficiently than those established.

Prioritize tasks. Workers should know that paperwork may be necessary, but that your company accepts that there are other more urgent tasks and that initiatives to reduce or simplify paperwork and formalities are always welcome.

Provide autonomy. People work best without excessive supervision. It is necessary to delegate so that they can carry out their task with responsibility and autonomy. A strict hierarchy is negative, not only for the necessary flexibility business, but also for the motivation of workers.

Encourage team collaboration. While bureaucratic firms are individualistic, in firms adhocráticas collaborative work, pooling and the collective triumph of successes prevail.

Reward creativity. When everyone is listened to and the contribution of new ideas is valued, people do not limit themselves to doing their homework, period, but their participation in the future of business is encouraged and everyone feels involved.

Escape from typecasting. Adequate training must be provided to then allow people to change positions, to access a job promotion in their professional scale and that they feel fulfilled in the development of their career.

Pío Baroja said that in Latin countries, the bureaucracy “seems to have been established to vex the public.” Or, in the case that concerns us, those who are forced to exercise it. In these moments we need that phrase of the great writer of the last century to be that, of the past.

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