Saturday, October 16

Let the Catalan women serve as a warning



The recent Catalan elections have been a cataclysm in state politics. Its results transcend those of autonomy itself and represent a reference for the rest of the State.

If the date of the vote was already controversial, the presence in it of the candidacy, at the last minute, of Salvador Illa until then Minister of Health, has proven decisive. The strategy of the “geeks” of Moncloa, especially Iván Redondo, has been successful. Now yes, although not so long ago those same “geeks” were responsible for the puncture of the left, in the generals of 2019, for not wanting to do what they had to do later and in many worse circumstances, not to mention the opportunity that they gave Vox to grow. Pity of missed opportunity then.

The results in Catalonia do not paint a clear picture. Illa’s victory can come to nothing, as happened with that of Ciudadanos in its day. If the independentistas maintain their blockade of the socialists, the future Government will be ERC, with Junts and CUP. All a guarantee of conflict and internal rivalry. Only an Executive with PSC, ERC and Comuns (Podemos) would give stability, and even then always relative. That Illa presided over it or, perhaps to ensure governability, that ERC did it, (it would not be the first case) is probably the most necessary before any other formula.

And it is worth noting that, with all that the right wing of this country has overturned on a candidate like Illa, he has won the elections. People probably know that with the pandemic, no one has been perfect. The population has known how to differentiate. So much so that there is the result of the rights. Since Vox appeared, it is exerting an impressive influence on the behavior of the PP and Cs. These are both conditioned by the policies of those who, trying to compete in retrograde messages with Vox, in the end the right-wing voter prefers to vote for the original rather than a bad copy such as what Casado or Arrimadas represented. And this will have consequences in Spanish politics, especially because both have refused to assume responsibility, except, in the case of the PP, to propose, as a diversionary maneuver, the sale of the headquarters on Genova Street, due to possible corruption in its reform. Let’s hope they don’t settle now on Palermo Street.

The rebalancing between the right, with a triumphant Vox (Abascal himself has acknowledged not expecting such a good result), a falling PP and a Cs from debacle to debacle, points to profound changes in trend in this segment of the electorate.

On the other hand, the independence movement has achieved an electoral result that represents, by a little, more than 50% of the vote cast and 74 seats in a Parliament of 135. The clumsy policies that, from Madrid and especially in the time of Rajoy, have been made Faced with the Catalan problem, they have been a whole factory of independentistas. There has never been more than now. At the time, a political problem that was getting worse was responded to with hatred and total blindness and there is the result.

Although the next elections between us are still missing, we must take note of what has happened. It is necessary to speed up aid to get out of the crisis, combat the political opportunism of some and attend to those most affected and in need. Otherwise, it can increase disenchantment and exclusive messages. There is time to improve, but it must be done faster.

The Consell must invest more in what is most necessary. People have to be rescued from the crisis, apart from banks, airlines and the like. All social areas must be reinforced, especially those that refer to Health and Social Care, including pending actions in care of the elderly and dependents. In Elx you can cite a lot of examples of investments (health centers, residences, day centers, CEAM, etc.), in these areas, which should already be under construction. People cannot be made to wait permanently for something to which they have a right and which, furthermore, they urgently need.

That the Catalan result serves to open the eyes of more than one, and put the batteries to accelerate the pending necessary projects.

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