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Letitia James, the anti-Trump prosecutor who corners the former president

Democrats have been trying unsuccessfully to gouge Donald Trump in court since he became a threat in the 2016 election. The billionaire has dodged lawsuits over illegal campaign finance, the endless plot of Russian interference that came to nothing, two ‘impeachments’ ‘ or political trials in Congress… Since he left the White House in January 2021 after his electoral defeat against Joe Biden, he has been persecuted by a committee in the House of Representatives for his role in the attempt to reverse the electoral results and in the assault on the Capitol, something that is also part of a federal investigation, in addition to another case of electoral interference in Georgia, another on retention of classified material and one more on fraud in New York.

The latter could be the first to put Trump on trial. Its protagonist is one of the great nemesis of the former president: Letitia James, the attorney general of the state of New York. She only shares with Trump the city in which they were born – she, in Brooklyn; him, in Queens – and an apparent mutual contempt.

The latter is not admissible in the work of the prosecution and that – as Trump does with any investigation against him – is what gives wings to the accusation of “witch hunting” by the former president.

A questionable wealth

James presented this week orno lawsuit against Trump, three of his children –Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka–, his company –Trump Organization– and his accountant for defrauding financial entities and insurance companies with the overvaluation of his real estate assets. In essence, they lied about the value of his properties to get better terms on loans or policies.

That the figure of Trump falls for a plot of overvaluation would be something unique for someone who has made this a way of life: he has always pretended to be richer than he is and use fewer shots on a golf hole than he hits.

Trump’s protest that James’s civil lawsuit is political persecution it was predictable. But, in this, James has made it easy for him. When he ran for attorney general in 2018 – in the US, he is elected by the ballot box – Trump was at the center of his campaign.

Surprise for a public charge

“We are going to sue him, without a doubt, we are going to be a pain in the ass«James said shortly before the election. It was not the only thing: «I will never be afraid to face this illegitimate president», «we have to focus on Trump, we have to keep track of his money», «I can’t wait to get to the attorney general’s office every day, sue him and go home.”

James made clear his animosity against the then president, in an unhealthy democratic exercise: you have to prosecute crimes, not people to find crimes. And James showed that his priority was second.

“I’m looking forward to getting to the office every day, suing Trump and going home”

In a state of strong Democrat establishment And with that speech, she made history: In November 2018, she became the first black person and the first woman to hold the position in New York.

After getting out of a possible candidacy for governor – she was losing – now seeks his re-election in November. With the lawsuit against Trump, which seeks multimillion-dollar compensation and the expulsion of him and his family from his businesses in New York, he has it more than assured.

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